SpeeDons 2022, MisterMV's speedrun marathon raises 802.166€.

The second edition of SpeeDonsthe charity marathon organised by Médecins du Monde and MisterMV ended on Sunday evening. At the end of more than 50 hours of speedrun and show, there were no less than 802.166€ which were collected for the benefit of the NGO.

Speedrun à la Française

SpeeDons is a French speedrun marathon, in the vein of the American AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick) events. The principle is simple: for a few days, dozens of speedrunners take turns 24 hours a day to finish as many video games as possible, as quickly as possible.

Although MisterMV is the face of the event, SpeeDons is different from other initiatives in that it does not rely on the glibness of influencers, but rather focuses on performance and spectacle. Each of the runners invited to the event is a master in his fieldcapable of completing a game in record time after several hundred hours of training.

All methods are good to show the smallest time at the finish, as long as the players do not cheat. Some, like Groshiken on CelesteSome of them rely on pure skill and overcome obstacles with incredible speed. Others like Dinopony on Metroid PrimeIn addition to the above, many of these games take advantage of loopholes in the game's programming to break through walls and complete games in the wrong order. RPGs like Xenoblade Chronicles which normally take a good hundred hours to complete can then be finished in just 5 hours and 20 minutes.

To make the experience even more dynamic, runners have taken to to organise races between them. So we saw three players trying to finish Tintin in Tibet before their comrades. But there are also runners who impose unusual constraints on themselves. In this case, we can't fail to mention Civel who completed the Vectronom blindfolded game.

New records

The whole show is designed to appeal to the generosity of the spectators. Unlike marathons such as the AGDQ or even the ZEvent, where the organisers choose the association to support, the organisation of SpeeDons itself is the initiative of the NGO that benefits from these appeals for donations, Médecins du Monde.

After numerous postponements, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the first edition of SpeeDons finally took place in March 2021. It had already raised €614,000.

This year, the event was held in public at the Palais des Congrés of Paris. By adding up the profits of the ticketing, but also of the t-shirt and album shop of the Résonnances collective, this new edition reached 802.166€.

In view of the success of the event, both on site and online, the appointment is already made for a third edition of SpeeDons in 2023.