Ponce, JDG, MoMaN... back for the Touche Pas à Mon Mate 10 on Among Us

After a passage on GeoGuessr and Powerwash Simulator in particular, Don't touch my Mate returns to its roots with Among Us. This suspicious edition promises to be full of lies, betrayals and laughter. Ponce, JDG, MoMaN, Shaunz and many others will be live on Twitch on Friday 27 January, starting at 8pm.

A unique concept

The concept of Touche Pas à Mon Mate was launched in 2020under the impulse of Omen & AMD. At the time, many games on Among Us were organised between content creators. However, no one had ever thought of bringing them together in the same room... This evening was therefore unique: for the first time, the crew-members faced each other IRL !

With the success of the programme, the event was repeated several times; then the concept was extended to other games and themes. For the fourth and fifth meetings, the guests put their knowledge of geography to the test on GeoGuessr. Later, the organisation turned to Midnight Ghost Hunt and Minecraft.

During the last TPAMM evening, ZeratoR, Mynthos and Antoine Daniel, to name but a few, gathered on Powerwash Simulator. A grandiose evening, with a decor specially designed for the event.

Don't touch my Mate decor - Powerwash Simulator

Back to the roots

For the tenth edition of Touche Pas à Mon Mate, the new guests will compete on Among Usthe very first game used for these events. Poncewho was one of the first players, will be present again for a more than SUS evening... !

In addition to the master of flowers, you can see JDG, Shaunz, MoMaN, Camak, Kha_LeN and Baghera Jones seek to defend themselves from being an impostor or try to take down their prey. All the guests have not yet been revealed. We will update this section as soon as we have the information.

Each streamer will broadcast their game live on their Twitch channel. The event, scheduled for this Friday 27 January, will start at around 8pm. Here is the list of channels of the participants already announced :