Pokimane launches its Myna Snacks brand

Initially specialising in gaming, streamer and content creator Imane Anys, better known as Pokimanerecently unveiled its snacking brand. Called Myna SnacksIt's designed to be healthy and to satisfy the hunger pangs of gamers.

A new adventure for Pokimane

It's not uncommon to see influencers launching their own food products, whether through collaborations with fast food brands or through their own dedicated brand. Examples include Logan Paul and KSI's Prime drink, MrBeast's chocolate bars and, more recently, the Valouzz burger.

So it's no surprise to learn that Pokimane, the number 1 content creator on Twitch, is also jumping on the bandwagon. In association with Darcey Mackenwho, among other things, held the position of Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Kellogg for ten years, Imane Anys launches her snacking brand. The company is already selling boxes of Midnight Minis Cookies - in the USA only for the time being.

With Myna Snacksboth associated "They're on a mission to connect you to the foods that will make you smile inside and out. This new brand aims to be healthy and perfectly suited to gamers and other people who want to nibble on a little something without ingesting poor quality products. At least, that's the promise made on the official website.

Of course, the idea didn't come out of a magic hat. In an interview with to USA Todaythe streamer explains that the pandemic period to play an important role in this project. She explains that in 2021, she wanted to pay more attention to her diet and that unfortunately she couldn't find any snacks that suited her. "I realised that there weren't many good food options. If I wanted a snack that tasted good, it was full of unhealthy products. If I found something healthy, it tasted awful.. Myna Snacks was born out of this realisation.

Healthy snacking, a promising market

In some countries, snacking is a veritable institution. As mentioned in the Snacking Consumption among Adults in the United States: A Scoping Review, published on National Library of MedicineSnacks are an integral part of the American diet. According to studies, more than 90% of American adults claim to eat one or more snacks a day. So there really is such a thing as strong demand across the Atlantic for this type of product.

In addition, some analyses suggest that snacking beyond the daily energy requirements could contribute to the development of a form of obesity. However, according to the information available on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention websiteBy 2022, all states and territories will have a prevalence of obesity greater than 20 %, i.e. more than one adult in five. It thus seems alternatives to traditional snacks. With Myna Snacks, Pokimane and Darcey Macken are positioning themselves on a very promising market in America. But that's not all!

If this isn't already the case, Myna Snacks is set to export its products internationally in the futureThis is particularly true of Europe, and possibly France. And there's also a particular craze for healthy snacking in France. An article published on Business Francein June 2023, reveals some interesting figures on this subject.

In 2022, the snacking market will reach sales of almost 18.5 billion euros by 2022 in France. The sector's success is not entirely surprising, given that today's consumers are looking for more efficiency during meals than ever before. What's more, it appears that snacking "has won over many French people, including 57% say they go to a snack bar at least once a week"..

And according to the study Speak Snacking 2022about 45% of French consumers think it's important to include organic ingredients in the recipes they buy, and around 69% prefer seasonal produce.

Myna Snacks could potentially find a following in the region, but the competition is already strong. There are a variety of healthy snack products on sale in hypermarkets or online, such as the confectionery from I am Elsy or organic No Chips from TooGood.