Player 5 completes Zelda Breath of the Wild 50 times in one day

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the most popular games among speedrunners. In the community, the Player 5 Streamer is well known for his many exploits on the Nintendo game. In his latest challenge, the content creator finished the game 50 times in less than 24 hours. A real feat, when some players struggle to complete it the first time.

Best time, no damage done, pacifist... speedruns and other superplays are a particularly impressive discipline. It is also the focus of an international charity event, the Awesome Game Done Quick. Earlier this year, AGDQ raised 2,644,810$ for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. This marathon shows that the diversity of games subject to superplays is extremely wide.

Some players try to break records on Super Mario Odyssey, while others end up two versions of Elden Ring simultaneously. The content creator known as Player 5The Legend Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a favourite.

Now an expert on Nintendo's game, he set himself a new goal in the run-up to the next game: to complete Breath of the Wild 48 times in one day. He completed the challenge with flying colours, to say the least! In less than 24 hours, and without sleeping, Player 5 has finally defeated Ganon 50 times in a row! This feat is even more impressive considering that he has clocked very good times, such as 24min34, 24min31 or even 24min16 in his twelfth and fifteenth runs.

However, these are not his best attempts. Until then, the world record was held by Koroks, who finished the game in 24min10s. This time is now obsolete, as Player 5 dethroned him earlier this year, completing the final battle in ANY%, after only 23min and 51seconds Hats off to you!