Overwatch 2: Win access to the closed beta with Twich Drops

After 3 years of waiting, Overwatch 2 is finally going to be playable for the average person! Or at least, for a handful of motivated and lucky players. Indeed, the first accesses will be distributed during a single evening, via Twitch Drops.

When and how to get access

To get your access to Overwatch 2, you'll have to follow the streams of Overwatch beta partners. A handful of influencers will be checking out the game live on Twitch and it's by watching their streams that you'll become eligible.

You will need to look at 4 hours of content on one or more partner channels. Where things get complicated is that the window of time to get access is rather short. You will only have 8 hours, from Wednesday 27 April, at 7pm.

Some precautions to take to increase your chances of success:

  • Watch the lives while logged into your Twitch account
  • Link your Twitch and Battle.NET accounts
  • Watch the streams from your computer, with your web browser
  • Opening multiple tabs is useless
  • Don't pause streams
  • Don't mute the streams

If you are lucky enough to receive access to the game, it will normally be communicated to you via a Twitch notification.

Please note that even if you meet all the necessary conditions, access is not guaranteed.

Which streamers to watch for Overwatch 2

Many streamers of all nationalities will be broadcasting their Overwatch games, but not all of them will allow you to get access to Overwatch 2. Here is a small list of the partner streamers you can watch.

A full list of partner streamers is available at Blizzard's official website.

How long does the Overwatch 2 beta last?

This first beta phase will be playable 26 April to 17 MayThe game will be available to players with access. So if you want to be able to play in the coming weeks, you'd better make yourself available on the evening of the 27th.

Overwatch 2 beta content

This Overwatch 2 beta will only offer limited content compared to the final game. Only 5-on-5 PVP battles will be available. The PVE mode, which should be one of the biggest additions to the game, will not be playable yet.

Sojourn, new Overwatch 2 character
Sojourn, new Overwatch 2 character

As for the characters, we will find the cast of the original Overwatch, but with 3 notable novelties. The first and not the least, is the presence of Sojournthe new heroine of the licence. With her will come the brand new versions of Doomfist and OrisaThis will be done in a way that is more effective and efficient than in the past.

As far as ancillary features like player profiles, XP, skins or customisation shops are concerned, none of these should be available.

What if I miss the beta?

Blizzard has already shared that they are looking forward to having more beta phases in the future. When the dates become clearer, we'll tell you more.