Onutrem organises a Council 4 on Worms with Antoine Daniel and Mynthos

About two months ago, Onutrema multigaming streamer, unveiled a new Twitch event, namely Council 4. With the popularity of the the first edition on Pokémon Scarlet and VioletIt's no surprise that he's taking the concept to another wild night. This time, the two challengers, Antoine Daniel and Mynthoswill fight on a crazy game, which is none other than Worms W.M.D !

What is Council 4?

As a great Pokémon fan, Onutrem created Council 4. Initially, it was a tournament inspired by the Pokémon League and its famous Council 4. In the manner of trainers who wish to become Pokémon Masters, two guests, Pontius and DFG, were to face four notable trainers from the French-speaking community.

For this new edition, no Drakkaros in sight, nor any Super Potion. The new competitors will have to face four big names on Worms W.M.D (Weapons of Mass Destruction) with rocket launchers, explosive sheep, bananas and Holy Grenades. Instead of eliminating the opposing Pokémon, they will have to knock down all the Earthworms in the enemy camp!

The two new challengers will compete against each other as well as against the Council 4 members themselves. Whoever performs better will be declared the Grand Prize winner. In case of a tie, Ponce and DFG will have to face each other in a final battle to determine the winner.

As for the details of each party, no information has yet been provided. We will be sure to let you know as soon as they are available.

Board members 4 on Worms W.M.D

As he did for the session on Nintendo's title, Onutrem chose to reveal the identities of the streamers who make up Council 4 one after the other, always sharing the superb artworks of @raidi_. We will update this section as guests are introduced.

Shisheyu is the first member of Council 4 of Onutrem on Worms WMD.

Shysheyu Mayamoto. As a video game enthusiast and fan of Nintendo titles, he chose a nickname that refers to Shigeru Miyamoto, one of the co-creators of the Super Mario and The Legends of Zelda. In live, Shysheyu proposes you to discover inde games like Wildfrost, and to follow his attempts of speedruns, on Binding of Isaac notably.

Horty is the second member of Council 4 of Onutrem on Worms WMD.

Horty Underscore. This streamer started on Twitch four years ago and exploded thanks to her character in the GTA RPZ in 2021, the famous Daniel Croute. Between Trackmania, the Sims or even Crab ChampionsHorty has titles for all tastes. If you want to watch multigaming in a good mood, Horty is a safe bet!

Angle Droit is the third member of Council 4 of Onutrem on Worms WMD.

Right Angle. With a Master's degree in Labour Law, this streamer initially started on YouTube to popularise her field. Since 2019, she is better known for her Twitch content. In live, Angle Droit offers you to follow her exploits on titles such as Darks Souls, Celeste, Final Fantasy and even You Suck At Parking.

MoMaN is the latest member of Council 4 of Onutrem on Worms WMD.

MoMaN. Although he is now a full-time multigaming streamer, MoMaN first made a name for himself through various competitive games and his involvement in esports. He has, among other things, long enforced order on the Counter Strike Source as a player and coach. Today, he plays both in VALORANT than in GTA V or PUBG.

With the multitude of weapons available in the game or the possibility to drive vehicles, we obviously expect to see some crazy matches! There is no doubt that Mynthos and Antoine Daniel will have to prepare their strategies well in order to defeat the Champions who will face them. If you also want to become a fighting ace, please refer to our various Worms W.M.D. guides.

This new edition of Council 4 will take place 15 April at 8pm. Onutrem will of course be at the helm, and will comment on the entire competition on Twitch channel. It is likely that the participants' POVs will still be available on their respective channels.