Onutrem unveils its Lycans game

In the course of of a recent live showthe streamer Onutrem unveiled Lycansan inspired multiplayer game d'Among Us and the Loup-Garouwhich he created himself. The title will soon be tested live by a number of content creators, including Ponce, Ultia and LittleBigWhale.

Onutrem is stepping up its innovative concepts on Twitch. At the beginning of the year, he presented the Council 4a programme based around Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. A few months later, following the success of the first Council 4, it organised a new competition on Worms. More recently, he invited streamers to compete against each other on Rayman.

Today, Onutrem is offering a brand new experience. As he explained live, he worked all summer to design his own multiplayer game, in 3D, from start to finish. Entitled Lycans - another term for werewolves - the title is a cross between Among Us and Werewolf.

Like the titles on which it is based, Lycans features a voting system for eliminating participants, as well as a day/night cycle. In addition, players will be able to interact directly in-game via proximity voice chat.

To showcase the fruits of its hard work, Onutrem is organising a special evening on Friday 13 October at 8pm. Nine guests - Ponce, Ultia, Horty, DFG, LittleBigWhale, Xari, Gom4rt, Crocodyle and LRB replacing Kenny - will take part in a live test.

If you've been thinking about betraying your friends too, you may be disappointed to learn that Lycans is not destined to be public. However, it's not entirely impossible that the title will appear on sales platforms at some point in the future. If Lycans is a real success and the project really appeals, its creator will be thinking about an adaptation for everyone.

Onutrem explained that the primary purpose of its game is to create content. He hopes to relaunch his YouTube channel by publishing a video in which he tells the story of how Lycans were conceived. He plans to repeat the concept if the feedback is positive.

Access to Onutrem's Twitch channel
Access to Onutrem's YouTube channel