MoMaN wins Fight For Sub #18

The last Fight For Sub organised by ZeratoR was played on Fall Guys. At the end of eight intense rounds full of twists and turns, it was finally MoMaN who took the lead in the general ranking!

As usual, this no-holds-barred battle between 200 streamers provided some thrilling moments during the eight games played. Determined to win, MoMaN never fell below the TOP7, even taking second place in the first game. The French player reached his peak on the fourth card, which he won with brio!

The FFS is a bloody evening ! In order to put the chances of victory on their side, other top streamers did not hesitate to create alliances. By making MoMaN's life particularly difficult in the final rounds, they jeopardised his chances of victory...

Despite the difficulties, and with a little luck Tone and Oslo miss the top of the ranking, MoMaN has taken first place overallThus, the FFS was the winner!

Finally, MoMaN has bounced back rather well after At the end of his career Valorant at Mandatory. Congratulations again to him for this great victory!