Maghla launches Sip and Gossip, its new Twitch show

This weekend, Maghla launched Sip and Gossiphis new show Twitch in which she tells the juicy stories of her subscribers. For this first edition, the content creator welcomed YouTubers MastuAnd it was a great success, to say the least.

The title of this new monthly Twitch programme takes its name from its concept. For each edition of Sip & Gossip, Maghla will welcome a guest into her home to telling stories, anecdotes and other unmentionable secrets from members of his community, over a cup of tea. All in a cosy atmosphere "in chipie modeas Mastu, guest of this first edition, so aptly put it. Of course, the stories are anonymous.

At this live event, sex was at the heart of the various stories, but many other themes were touched on, such as animals, revenge and work. In short, there was a bit of everything to have a good time! For example, the first anecdote began with "I've been sleeping with my best friend's girlfriend for two years now..."a phrase that drew general laughter in the improvised tea room, as it did in the chat room.

As well as the pleasure of listening to the stories and the analyses that follow, the cat can "take part directly in the judgement".. At the end of each story, a bar appears on the screen: on one side is the "zZz" emote, which means it was boring, and on the other is the "Teacup" emote, which means it was crisp. Viewers vote using the emotes, and the cursor then tilts towards one end or the other to reflect the general feeling.

The cat can take part in Maghla's Sip and Gossip show

The first show was a real success, with almost 15,000 spectators on average and a maximum of over 29,000 viewers. You can already vote for your favourite story by filling in the form available at Maghla's Instagram account. Those with the most votes will be illustrated, framed and added to the décor.

We still don't know who the next guest will be. We'll probably have to wait until November to find out. If you don't want to miss the next episode of Sip and Gossip, be sure to check out Maghla's Twitch channel.