Lolypokicake and Aminematue unveil the Koh-Lanta RP

After the resounding success of the PR Schoolcontent creator Aminematue has unveiled a new GTA RP project in collaboration with Lolypokicake. Entitled Koh-Lanta PRThis other server should take the codes of the show from which it is inspired, with teams, alliances, and of course betrayals!

For several years now, the GTA Roleplay mod (or GTA RP) available on PC only is gaining followers around the globe. The main interest of this game mod lies in the fact that it offers players the possibility to to play a specific character.

Moreover, their avatar has its own personality, desires, goals and specific characteristics. Unlike the classic GTA game mode, the other characters are also controlled by players. In this way all interact with each otherThe outcome varies according to the choices made by each person.

The phenomenon quickly took over YouTube and Twitch, and we still remember the incredible adventure orchestrated by ZeratoR, on its GTA RPZ server in 2021. The latter also mentioned a sequel in a Tweet posted earlier this week. Much more recently, it was the streamer Aminematue who made the buzz, by organising the PR School. This crazy adventure brought together 25 people around the theme of... school! At the end of several weeks of funny adventures, the year ended with the awarding of diplomas and the the election of Miss and Mister End of Year Ball.

This project has only just been completed, Amine and Lolypokicakehis collaborator on GTA, have already revealed the future GTA RP arc. Goodbye ULSA benches, hello fine sand beaches: future guests will take part in a show inspired by Koh-Lanta! The server will simply be called Koh-Lanta PR.

The two streakers only gave very little information at the moment. However, as this is a long-standing project, we imagine that the content will be at least as good. Lolypokicake clarified during the live show "We'll try to treat you to as much as possible!"

Amine said it himself in the stream, "There is no point in asking, no one will answer".. Thus, the date remains unknown at this time, but he indicated that the content would arrive soon. It would therefore not be impossible for this new series to be broadcast during the summer.

This is not the first time that the Koh-Lanta concept has been used by content creators. Several months ago, Squeezie, Kamel, Kotei, Locklear, Deujna and Doigby competed against each other via a version available on the Roblox game. We can't wait to see the approach chosen by Amine and Lolypokicake in order to entertain the thousands of spectators who are already waiting.