Lethal Company, the game that terrifies and amuses Twitch

After the success of Suika Game on Twitchanother independent game is setting the platform alight. For several weeks now, Lethal Company terrifies content creators as much as it amuses them, much to the delight of viewers. He's the new darling of the platform!

What is Lethal Company?

Cooperative horror games are not new, and some of them are very popular on Twitch. These include Dead by Daylight and Phasmophobia, released in 2016 and 2020 respectively. But today we're interested in a completely different title. It's called Lethal Company. Released on 23 October this year, it was developed and published by Zeekerss, a lone developer full of imagination.

There's no ghost hunting or hide-and-seek with a killer in this world. As indicated on the game's Steam page "You are a contract worker for the Company. Your job is to collect scrap metal from abandoned and industrialised moons in order to meet the Company's profit quota". The objective could not be simpler: explore a moon, collect items, sell them to earn money and reach the quota set. But - because there is obviously a but - not everything is as simple as it seems.

The famous moons are not just industrialised... they're also inhabited! And we're not talking about pretty butterflies or magnificent magical horses. In Lethal Company, stellar bodies are infested with creatures and other forms of life waiting to rip your head off, suck your blood, cut you up or swallow you. In short, they don't mean you any harm.

And because the task is not already complex enough, you have to face two other major challenges: the urgency of your mission and the way voice chat works. Your group of explorers has just a few days to collect the required number of credits. If you fail, the house policy is pretty clear: you're sent back and ejected into space! The game is then reset. As for the second point, just remember that to hear what your friends have to say, you need to stay close enough to themor get hold of walkie-talkies.

As you'll no doubt have gathered by now, in Lethal Company it's more important than ever to pay attention to your surroundings and your companions. One minute's inattention, one wrong move and the whole mission can be over in no time. For all that, this game is a lot of funIt leads inevitably to unexpected, funny and absurd situations (SPOILER warning).

It's a nice mix that had everything it takes to make it big on Twitch. And since influencers got hold of it, the numbers have been growing all the time. In October, there was a peak of almost 38 000 viewers In the current month, this record has already been beaten to the punch, with a maximum recorded at more than 180,000 spectators. What's more, Lethal Company is now tops the sales charts on Steam in the Horror category, taking second place in the best-seller list for all games combined, ahead of FC 24 and Baldur's Gate 3.

All the more motivation for the developer, which provides already add new elements "As well as fixing bugs here and there, I'll be concentrating on adding new content, between new creatures, items/upgrades and decorations. I'm not sure whether Lethal Company updates should be weekly or bi-weekly. I don't think there will be a rigid timetable, but a regular rhythm that you'll get to know. I don't want the game to become too boring because of a small constant stream of updates; I want to release updates that contain a good handful of new things to discover each time, so that you can come back and be surprised".

We hope that the hype surrounding the game doesn't become so overwhelming that Lethal Company disappears from sales platforms, as was the case with Only Up!