Speed Plonkers win the first Geoguessr Team World Cup

For the very first edition of the Geoguessr Team World CupThe level was extremely high. The thirty qualified teams gave everything they had to reach the playoffs and claim the title of best team in the world. At the end of intense and fierce matches, Speed PlonkersThe French team BlinkyIn the end, the winner was the winner and the trophy was lifted.

The level was impressive

The competition got off to a flying start with the group stage, commented by Antoine Daniel, Mounted and JDay. The players in Group 1 set the tone and proved that they deserved their place in this tournament. As soon as the starting signal was given, the majority of them managed to position themselves near the point to be found. The guesses then followed one another at breakneck speed.

Pool 1 - Geoguessr Team World Cup

The Speed PlonkersThis is the first time that a team of three has been formed, consisting of Blinky and his two team-mates Kodiak and Maccem, dominated Pool 1. In the second one, Toro3317, matepotato and Radu, the players of A community Teamwho won. Finally, this first phase ended with the victory of Fiord Grey in the third and final pool.

Speed Plonkers and A Community Team didn't know it yet, but they were both going to participate in Grand FinalAfter a very good playoff run.

Playoff Bracket- Geoguessr Team World Cup

During this final stage, players competed in complex events, such as the impressive Rural&Urban NMPZ (no zoom, no movement, no panorama) in 40 seconds. In short, this challenge asked the teams to find their location on Earth simply by using a single photo... Although this may seem difficult, it was child's play for these Goeguessr monsters!

At the end of a summit match with some of the best players in the world, the Speed Plonkers lifted the trophy and won the first ever World Champion Team title in Geoguessr.

Speed Plonkers win the Geoguessr Team World Cup

Incredible guesses!

Throughout the day, spectators had the opportunity to admire the talent of the players selected for the competition. Here are some of the best moments of the tournament.