The best Twitch clips of Wingman and Gekko on Valorant

Since his revelation at the Lock In Sao PauloGekko, the new Agent of Valorant, is the talk of the town. Players from all over the world have fallen under the spell of his chaotic little friends, especially Wingman. Named Altego in French, he is not afraid to run to the front to try to plant or defuse the Spike. If he sometimes succeeds, his race often stops prematurely, under the fire of heartless enemies... We offer you a digest of superb eliminations and cutitude with some Gekko hands in the making.

Not everything goes according to plan...

As he finds himself oppressed by the opposing team, Tarik tries everything and sends his lil bro in battle. Unfortunately, the distraction didn't quite work as he had hoped: Wingman deserted the battlefield.

In this other sequence, the content creator tries to plant the Spike, but again, he is faced with an unforeseen problem: Wingman takes a much longer route than he had envisaged. The lesson to be learned from all this: check the trajectories of Altego before using it in a classified area!

See the channel of Tarik.

Rest In Peace Wingman...

In the introduction to this article, we told you about the heartless individuals who don't hesitate for a second to shoot Wingman, despite his cute little face... The streamer BrookeAB was fooled once, but probably not twice...

See the channel of brookeab.


Gekko's skills are very interesting. As far as Wingman is concerned, it is obviously his ability to plant or defuse the Spike that players already appreciate. Despite his fragility, with good cover and a few smokes, he can work miracles. Demonstration by ShahZaM !

See the channel of ShahZaM.

Wingman never fakes

As mentioned earlier, Wingman can prime AND defuse the Spike. When the battle is raging and bullets are flying in all directions, this little guy can make all the difference. If you protect him, as imaqtpie and his teammates, you will get points easily.

Isn't he too sweet when he's full of determination?

See the channel of imaqtpie.

A point is a point...

Of course, the objective is to win the current round, but at what price derrkow ?

See the channel of derrekow.

A great clutch

Wingman is probably the most beloved of all creatures on view the number of memes that appear on social networks. However, it is not the only useful fighter in the new Agent's kit. Trash is extremely effective if used at the right time, isn't it? Subroza ?

See the channel of subroza.

A little ace to finish ?

The Streamer TinderONG has decided to make Gekko his new favourite character. A good mastery of his different skills gives excellent results. Here is the proof in video!

See the channel of TinderONG.

Very fun to play, we can easily understand why Gekko and his companions are invading the games of Valorant. Nevertheless, does it have a future in professional games? Asked about its usefulness, CREA^ agree that it is interesting "since it brings new mechanics".. However, at present, he has some doubts about its integration into the compositions "He will be played by some teams, especially at the beginning. However, I find it hard to see which Agent he can really replace, apart from maybe a Skye or even a Breach in some compositions.

Would you like to be the new Agent? Do you want to understand everything about how it works? Find all the information you need about his abilities in our dedicated guide to Gekko. Have fun !