The teams of the Grand Prix Explorer, the F4 tournament of Squeezie

A Formula 4 race between content creators. This concept may seem crazy, but it is the project set up by the famous Youtuber Squeezie. On 8 October, several content creators, including him, will set off on the Le Mans Bugatti circuit. This physical event will be held in front of more than 30,000 people, and will be broadcast live on its Twitch channel. In this article, we present the different participants in more detail.

All participating teams

For this exceptional race, Squeezie has gathered a total of 22 creators and contentAll of these drivers are divided into duos in 11 different teams, and are available on various platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. All these drivers are divided into duos in 11 different teams. We invite you to (re)discover them in more detail.

Team - Squeezie (#14) & Gotaga (#7)

To date, Squeezie is France's biggest Youtubeur, with nearly 17.4 million subscribers. Although he started out on the platform by sharing gaming content, he now offers videos and projects in various formats, such as the Grand Prix Explorer.

His duo is none other than the Youtuber and streamer Gotaga. Known as "The French Monster", this former professional player has over 3.93 million subscribers on YouTube. In 2013, he founded Vitality with Neo and BrokyBrawks, one of the most influential sports organisations in Europe.

Team - Depielo (n°64) & Valouzz (n°30)

Depielo is a car enthusiast and more specifically a Formula 1 fan. He has made his passion the focus of his YouTube content, ranging from race analysis to simracing. Today, he has over 280,000 subscribers on the platform.

Former streamer at Eclypsia, Valouzz is now a member of Team Croûton. With Inoxtag and his other companions, he offers vlogs around the world. Today, he has 2.95 million followers on YouTube.

Team - Joyca (n° 29) & TheoBabac (n°26)

Joyca has been evolving on YouTube since 2016. Initially specialising in music, his content has evolved to include other topics. His musical productions include his first single Highor the song Bye Byemade with Squeezie in 2019. Very active on YouTube, he has exceeded 5 million subscribers.

Joyca is a duo with TheoBabac. This Youtuber with 576,000 subscribers has made a name for himself with his short and hilarious sketches. From parodies of TV news and shows to cooking classes, there is something for everyone. Under the pseudonym Luther, he also produces musical content, such as the song Captain Morgan.

Team - Xari (#21) & Domingo (#12)

Columnist for LeStream, Xari is active on both YouTube and Twitch. On the latter platform, he is followed by more than 396,000 people. During his lives, he offers both react and gaming sessions.

Especially active on Twitch, Domingo has 1.5 million followers. Initially a creator of gaming content, on League of Legends, he is best known today for his talk show called Popcorn. In addition, last year it organised l'Echappéea bike race between content creators.

Team - Amixem (n°49) & Etienne Moustache (n°99)

Video game enthusiast, Amixem made a name for himself on YouTube with his gaming content. Now the owner of RedBox, he produces more humorous videos, such as building giant Lego over 24 hours or finding unusual objects. On YouTube, he is followed by nearly 7.85 million people.

In 2020, Amixem decided to recruit three subscribers to create new content. Selected from thousands of applicants, Etienne Moustache is now one of his new sidekicks. He takes part in react videos, outdoor constructions and challenges on the Amixem channel. Outside of YouTube, Etienne is active on Twitch. Followed by more than 72,000 people, he offers simracing and gaming content around several car games.

Team - Djilsi (n°15) and Manon, from AllonsRider (n°6)

Djilsi is a Youtuber specialised in vlogs and travel. With his videos, he takes his 982,000 subscribers on an adventure, both in France and abroad, to the top of Mont Blanc or to Lapland.

Passionate about surfing and other board sports, Manon has created the Allons Rider, Unleash The Girls. This website, dedicated to her passion, aims to give advice on different sports practices, as well as to put forward women who evolve in this rather male world.

Team - Le Bouseuh (n°94) & Kaatsup (n°27)

LeBouseuh launched on YouTube with CallOfDuty, but began to grow when it moved to Clash Royal. After that, he focused his content around the game Fortnite, especially with Michou and the other members of Team Crouton. As the owner of "Le Local", a place dedicated to filming, he is constantly gaining notoriety. Today, his YouTube counter is approaching 4 million subscribers.

Planet Zoo, Slime Rancher, Minecraft and many other games, this is the content offered by Kaatsup on Twitch. But with 1.6 million subscribers, this streamer first made a name for herself on TikTok, thanks to art videos in which she presented her drawings and other works.

Team - Sylvain (n°16) & Pierre (n°10), the duo of Crankshaft

Sylvain and Pierre are the two Youtubers behind the Vilebrequin channel. Both passionate about cars, they offer their 1.97 million subscribers content based on their passion. From sports car tests, to driving a car with a PS4 controller, to transforming a Multipla, they take you into their world with a humorous and offbeat tone.

Team - Seb la Frite (n°3) & Sofyan (n°8)

Seb la Frite is a comedic youtuber with diverse content. From music to sketches to exceptional journeys, he has captured the hearts of nearly 5.05 million people on YouTube. His interview with the Dalai Lama, his exploration of a remote area of Papua, and his documentary entitled The History of Rapare among his major video works.

For this anthology race, Seb la Frite will be in duo with Sofyan. This other Youtuber is followed by nearly 2 million people on the platform. A fan of cinema and animated series of all kinds, he offers you the chance to discover the history of big studios such as Pixar or analyses of series such as Stranger Things or The Simpsons.

Team - Deujna (n°13) & Dobby (n°31)

Deujna is both a Twitch streamer and a YouTube content creator. On the former platform, she has over 660,000 followers and nearly 1.23 million subscribers on the latter. Her live content is mainly focused on video games, with titles like Dead By DayLight or Fall GuysHis YouTube channel is more dedicated to lifestyle content and vlogs.

On his YouTube channel, DobbyAs for him, he offers content centred on computers and gaming, notably videos reacting to setup, and on cars. As a member of Team Crouton, he also shoots entertaining videos or vlogs with them. His YouTube channel has over 600,000 subscribers to date.

Team - Bibi (n°11) & Prime (n°24)

Premium is none other than one of the co-founders of the esports structure, which he has been running since 2021 and which is chaired by Kameto. Apart from his involvement in esports, Prime has become known for his performances in American football and his musical talents. Today, his YouTube channel has over 1.6 million subscribers.

BibiAs for him, he is the right-hand man of Kameto and Kotei. He acts in the shadow and sometimes live on Kameto's channel.

To follow the competition live, go to Squeezie's Twitch channel.