The teams of GP Explorer 2, Squeezie's F4 race

Content creators, Formula 4 cars, the Bugatti circuit in Le Mans... Squeezie repeats its frenetic and epic automotive event! Once again, the French YouTube Game issue manages to gather an exceptional line up, with a total of 24 content creators, including Gotaga, Amixem, Mister V, or the reigning Champion, Sylvain de Vilebrequin. This year, over 60,000 spectators will have the chance to see them defend their title at the GP Explorer 2which will take place on 9 September.

All participants of the GP Explorer 2 by Squeezie

All participating teams

This new edition welcomes an additional duo compared to last year, or a total of 24 content creatorsSqueezie included. For various reasons, only 12 drivers already present at the first Grand Prix will return to try their luck. In addition, 12 new challengers join this unique automotive adventure, all determined to lift the famous GP trophy. We invite you to (re)discover them in detail.

Grand Prix Explorer Alumni

Team - Squeezie (n°14) & Gotaga (n°7) - Gentle Mates stable

Since the previous GP Explorer, Squeezie has gained just over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube. With nearly 18 million people following him on the platform, he retains his position as the French number one. Initially a creator of gaming content, he has greatly diversified his productions, offering ever more innovative videos and events, such as the Banished Court or this GP Explorer.

Gotaga remains his duo for this new race. Now a full-time streamer and Youtuber, the "French Monster" has also gained in popularity, and now has over 4.04 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. An ex-professional Call of Duty player, he is one of the co-creators of the mythical Vitality structure, which is a major player on the European sports scene.

Recently, the two have embarked on another joint venture. With the help of Brawks, a former playing partner of Gotaga's, they set up the Gentle Mates structurewhich currently has players on Valorant and Fortnite.

Team - Sylvain (n°16) & Pierre (n°10), the duo of Crankshaft - NordVPN stable

Sylvain and Pierre are the chaotic and fun duo behind the automotive channel Vilebrequin. Last year, the former reached the top of the podium, ahead of Depielo and Etienne_Moustache.

Whether it's testing cars that run on olive oil, experimenting with the possibility of flying a four-wheeled vehicle or creating a 1294 horsepower Multipla, they are always ready to delight the 2.33 million subscribers who follow them on YouTube. As always, they take you into their world in a humorous and offbeat way.

Team - Amixem (n°49) & Etienne Moustache (n°99) - Ecurie Wargaming

Owner of the Redbox, Amixem is one of the biggest Youtubers in France, as evidenced by his counter which has more than 8 million subscribers. Initially, he offered solo gaming videos. Now, accompanied by three acolytes, he builds giant Lego sets, tries to escape from prison more solid or duel with lame jokes.

Amixem is back in the running with Etienne Moustacheone of the three individuals who accompany him in his work. As a car enthusiast, he invites you to follow his SimRacing content and his crazy races on various live car games. Excellent during the previous edition, he finished third overall. Since then, Etienne has doubled his number of followers and is now followed by just over 135,000 people on Twitch.

Team - Depielo (n°64) & Manon (n°11) - Ecurie Rac(H)er by Alpine

Depielo is a car enthusiast and more specifically a Formula 1 fan. He has made his passion the focus of his YouTube content, ranging from race analysis to SimRacing. Today, he has over 329,000 subscribers on the platform. It's likely that his increase in subscribers is linked to his superb performance at the first GP: second in the solo ranking and first in the team ranking! It goes without saying that he will try to take the number one spot this time.

Passionate about surfing and other board sports, Manon has created the Allons Rider, Unleash The Girls. This website, dedicated to her passion, aims to give advice on different sports practices, as well as to put forward women who evolve in this rather male world.

Team - Le Bouseuh (n°94) & Kaatsup (n°27) - Overwatch 2 stable

LeBouseuh got his start on YouTube by playing CallOfDuty, but it was mainly through his Clash Royal games that he gained notoriety. The buzz around this content creator grew even more when he started playing Fortnite with Michou and the other members of Team Crouton. Before the first GP he was approaching 4 million subscribers on YouTube, a milestone he has since passed!

Through these drawings and other works, Kaatsup has become a real star of TikTok, counting 1.6 million subscribers on the application. However, it is now on Twitch that she thrives, offering multigaming lives on Minecraft, Brawlhalla or Super Mario to her 525 300 followers.

Team - Seb (n°3) & Maghla (n°31) - Ecurie RhinoShield

Seb has almost 5.21 million subscribers on YouTube. With his video on the History of Rap, his interview with the Dalai Lama, his sketches, his documentaries and his incredible explorations of Papua New Guinea and more recently Kyrgyzstan, he has won the hearts of 5.21 million people who follow him with interest.

Maghla is one of the new faces of this GP Explorer 2. Active on Twitch and YouTube, she has almost 750,000 followers on the former platform and around 432,000 subscribers on the latter. If you like Among Us parties, horror games like Demonologist or videos based on board games, you'll find something to suit you on her lives.

Newcomers to the GP Explorer

Team - Ana On Air (n°16) & Maxime Biaggi (n°24) - Ecurie Mouv'

Keep the name of Ana On Air in the lead. A true motorsports enthusiast, she is the ambassador of Alpine Esports. The influencer follows and analyses the latest news in the field through her YouTube channel, which has almost 16,000 subscribers, and offers tests of exceptional racing cars. In addition, she is very active on Twitch, a platform on which she offers live gaming on car games related to her SimRacer activity.

Ana will represent the same stable as Maxime Biaggihis partner for the day. After a short career as a Minecraft Youtuber, the content creator made a name for himself through offbeat videos, such as Stop being poor. Today, he is more active on Twitch, notably through the show Zenwhich he co-hosts with Grimkujow and has over 348,000 followers.

Team - Baghera (n°28) & Horty (n°66) - Ecurie Cupra

Baghera is a multigaming streamer, who currently offers live performances on games such as Trackmania, Dead Island 2 or Outer Wilds. Her career took off thanks to her participation in GTA RPZ in 2021, and her terrible character Antoine Croute. Today, she has won the hearts of about 344,000 followers. Her licence in her pocket, obtained a few days agoShe will be able to participate in the GP Explorer 2!

She will be in a duet with the streamer HortyHer sidekick from GTA RPZ, who brought Daniel Croute to life, an equally unmanageable but fun character to follow. Between Trackmania, Dead Island 2 and Beton Brutal, she plays titles for all tastes, to the delight of her almost 233,000 followers.

If you want to watch multigaming in a good mood, these are two sure values!

Team - Mister V (n°38) & Theo Juice (n°8) - Ecurie Subway

Mister V began his career as a Youtuber in 2010, making him one of the oldest French professionals still active on the platform. Currently, he has a following of nearly 6.18 million subscribers, who enjoy his humorous videos, his Rap and his electric personality. Fun fact, La Pizza Delamama is him!

Long-time friend of Mister V, Theo Juice is known for his appearances in the youtubers' videos and his activity as a rapper. Together, the two have produced various songs, such as Good Life, Faux Frères or Get Down. More recently, he has launched himself on TikTok, where he has about 73,000 subscribers.

Team - Billy (n°8) and Kekra (n°92) - Crunchyroll stable

At the start, Billy developed his fame through Twitter under the pseudonym RebeuDeter. Still active on this platform, he has more than 2.4 million followers to date. Today, he is more present on Twitch, with multigaming content on games as varied as Valorant, League of Legends or GTA. Moreover, very concerned by the well-being of female streamers and content creators in general, he created a tool to fight sexism and mysoginism and racism on Twitch.

After several months of secrecy, Billy's duo is now known. For this latest edition of the GP Explorer, he will be accompanied by the rapper Kekra. The artist is well known for the mystery that surrounds his identity, as he never leaves his iconic mask, as well as for titles such as Inverson, Vréalité and Pas Joli.

Team - SCH (n°?) and Soso Maness (n°?) - Mystery stable

For the time being, the mystery team remains well and truly unknown. However, we do know the identity of the riders: they are the two rappers SCH and Soso Maness.

Julien Schwarzer, better known under the pseudonym SCH is a French rapper with an impressive body of work. He got his start in the music world at the age of 15, publishing his first sounds on the Skyblog website, but his career really took off after his appearance on Lacrim's RIPRO Volume 1 mixtape. Today, he is just as well known for his A7 mixtape as for his various albums, including JVLIVS and Rooftop. On YouTube, he has a following of almost 2.85 million.

His team-mate is none other than the rapper Soso Maness. He too joined the world of rap at a very young age, recording his first sound at the age of 12. After a break of several years, he resumed his singing career. In 2019, he released his first album ranked in the French TOP50, Rescapé, followed by a second in 2020, Mistral, also well placed in this legendary chart. Today, the artist has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

To follow the competition live, go to 9 September 2023 on Squeezie's Twitch channel.