The PC Game Pass Challenge continues on League of Legends

After a week of challenges on Valorant and a hilarious showmatch finale, it's time to move on to the next season of PC Game Pass Challenge. Get ready to jump into the Summoner's Rift, as the rest of the competition takes place on League of Legends. As was the case previously, there are a host of prizes to be won for the best of you!

League of Legends GPC dates

As a reminder, this edition of the GPC offers a brand new formula. The year is divided into several seasons - each lasting a full week and culminating in a special evening on the ZeratoR channel - during which you are invited to complete solitary and cooperative challenges from home. As you complete the quests, you'll earn experience points, which are needed to move up in the rankings and hope win one of the prizes at stake.

Please note that you must register with Game Pass Challenge website to take part, and that a subscription to Xbox Game Pass PC is required.

The second season of this Game Pass Challenge will be played on another Riot Games title, none other than League of Legends. So get ready for battle! You'll have from 6 to 13 April to prove your worth and complete as many challenges as possible. The list is not yet available, but you won't have long to wait, given that the reveal will take place at 5 April. We will keep you informed at that time.

Concerning the closing eventwe already know that it will take place 18 April. The programme includes a new "CEO Battle in which ZeratoR will face off against other CEOs, whose identities remain a mystery for the time being.