The Game Pass Challenge returns to PC with a new format

We already knew that the Game Pass Challenge would return this year with a different format to previous years. Today, at Paris Games Week, ZeratoR has provided some additional information. Here's a summary of the key information.

Opening in 2019, Game Pass Challenge used to be a physical competition bringing together several dozen participants for a tournament focused on games available in Game Pass.

GPC DNA is conserved in this new edition, but the overall format changes completely. To ensure that everyone can take part in this edition of the Game Pass Challenge, the competition will take place online.

As we said, the GPC is open to everyone, whatever your level on the games that will be featured. Because yes, once again, some Game Pass titles will be at the heart of the competition. The trailer focuses on Starfield, Forza, Valorant and League of Legends. Could this be a clue? Suspense...

What's more, we already know that this Game Pass Challenge will work with a seasonal systemThere will be one season per month. During each season - which lasts one week - participants will be invited to to complete various quests in a given game.

By setting objectives, they will receive XP pointsIt's a bit like playing an MMORPG. The best players will be rewarded for their efforts and determination, with some great prizes in store.

Game Pass Challenge 2023 awards

Alongside the competition, this edition of the Game Pass Challenge will include a monthly show hosted by ZeratoR. For these special programmes, the content creator will be joined by a number of high-profile guests.

More information will be available shortly at the official Game Pass Challenge website. In addition, ZeratoR will provide more details live on Twitch channelon Monday 6 November at 8pm.