FC Silmi back on FIFA 23

If you were waiting for the return of the FC Silmi with anticipation, you will be served. The virtual football club returns on 10 Octoberas announced by Domingo on his Twitter account. This time, the team will play on FIFA 23released on 30 September.

The FC Silmi is a virtual football club that has been created in February 2021 on FIFA 21. At the time, it was composed of Domingo, Stars, DFG, Jiraya, Xari, Mister MV, Rivenzi and Ponce. The objective is to play online matches with the Club Pro mode, each streamer having a predefined position.

This roster was able to federate many communities, as each stream brought together between 80 000 and 100 000 viewers. This very large audience helped to get the team talked about and they were featured in the sports newspaper L'Équipe. The players were rated as real footballers after each game session. In addition, the FC Silmi Twitter account has no less than 59,300 followers !

In 2021, after playing FIFA 21 and FIFA 22, the club played a total of 167 matches. This represents 63 wins, 29 draws and 75 losses.

FC Silmi's results in 2021
FC Silmi's results in 2021

Now that FIFA 23 is out, FC Silmi is determined to get back on track and will be doing its big return in stream this Monday 10 October at 8.30pm. Nevertheless, the team has changed somewhat as Ponce has officially retired. For his part, Stars will no longer play all the games but has been announced as the club's sub, and will thus make some appearances.

To replace Ponce, Lowan was recruited. He will therefore play as a defender for FC Silmi and will try, together with his teammates, to get out of Division 4.

To follow the club's adventures, go to the Twitch channels of each streamer.