Council 4, Onutrem's Pokémon event with Ponce and DFG

The French Twitch scene is used to seeing new concepts blossom regularly. This time, it's Onutrema multigaming streamer specialising in Nintendo games, which has announced a brand new programme around Pokémon Scarlet and Violet : the Council 4.

Two guests, Ponce and DFG (DrFeelGood), will soon have to face Crocodyle, Ken Bogard, Sundae and Bytell in high-voltage Pokémon battles.

What is Council 4?

Onutrem is a regular and great Pokémon fan. He is already behind the PokéTwitchan activity on his channel where viewers can spend channel points to try and catch Pokémon live. This time around, he's launching a more competitive event with Council 4.

Council 4 is a programme inspired by the iconic group of the same name from the Pokémon saga. In this one, two candidates, Ponce and DFGIn the next few days, four prominent trainers from the Pokémon and Nintendo community will face off against each other. They will have a limit of eight matches to beat them all. Battles will follow the Pokémon competitive draft rules: everyone comes with 6 Pokémon, but must select 3 to use in battle.

There is a competition within the competition, as the evening pits the two candidates against each other as well as the council. Whoever manages to beat the most opponents will be the winner of the evening. In case of a tie, Ponce and DFG will have to face each other in a final battle to determine the winner.

Council 4 will take place 25 February from 8pm. Onutrem will comment on the competition on its chainaccompanied by FildrongPokémon content creator. The various POVs will also be available on the participants' respective channels.

Council members 4

After leaving the identity of the four members of Council 4 in doubt, Onutrem progressively announced the different streamers that will constitute it by sharing the beautiful artworks of @raidi_.

Crocodyle - Type Insect

illustration crocodyle pokemon board 4

After starting out as a LoL streamer, Crocodyle has now diversified its content. League of Legends, Minecraft, Fall Guys, Mario Kart or Smash, he is present on different game styles. As a Pokémon fan, Crocodyle will represent the Insect.

Ken Bogard - Type Spectrum

illustration ken bogard pokemon board 4

Host and former columnist for LeStream, Ken Bogard is known for his skills in versus fighting. He is also behind the show Il Est Pas Shiny and Nintenbros, in which Sundae is a frequent guest. Representative of the SpectreKen Bogard will be a tough opponent for our two streamers.

Sundae - Type Poison

illustration ladysundae pokemon board 4

A columnist for LeStream and former cosplayer, Sundae has made a name for herself as a player by winning Pokébingo. With her knowledge and tryhard spirit, Sundae is a formidable player who will not go easy on her opponents. She will represent the Poison.

Bytell - Type Water

illustration bytell pokemon board 4

Bytell is a reviewer for LeStream and is a multigaming player who has played Dofus, Minecraft and Pokémon. He will specialize in Pokémon of the type Water.

The individual members have not disclosed the names of the Pokémon that will make up their team. With the 400 Pokémon In the game, it is difficult to anticipate their future compositions. Therefore, Ponce and DFG will have to study their weaknesses in Council 4 and strategise on how to best adapt to these four guys.

To follow Council 4 live, go to the Onutrem chain Saturday 25 February at 8pm.