ZeratoR's Worms Cup at the Lyon eSport

This was one of the donation goals of ZeratoR to ZEvent 2021: to organise a Worms Cup if he reached 425,000 euros in his personal kitty. This objective was largely validated and, after almost a year of waiting, the event will take place very soon!

Last July, ZeratoR started to tell us about the Worms Cup, but this time it's official, it's coming. The competition will be played on Worms W.M.D.will be open to all and registration will start on 28 October. It will be played in 2v2 formatSo hurry up and find your partner if you haven't already done so and want to participate.

Worms Cup by ZeratoR at Lyon Esport
Worms Cup by ZeratoR at Lyon Esport

The tournament will start with a qualification phase online on 05 and 06 November. The pairs that manage to qualify will come to play the physics final at the Lyon Esport on 11 Novemberfrom 3pm to 6pm. In the cast, you will of course find ZeratoR, but also Mynthos.

Finally, as the final will take place at the Lyon EsportYou will be able to attend on site to support your favourite pair. The ticket office will open on 24 October and tickets will cost 10 euros.

EDIT: You can already buy your tickets for the Worms Cup via the official box office.