Montpellier to host League of Legends LEC Finals

The rumours of December are now confirmed: Montpellier will host the 2023 LEC finals. The competition will bring together the best League of Legends teams in the EMEA region this autumn at the Sud de France Arena.

The LEC has a new look this year. While the acronym remains the same, the competition, which was previously reserved for the best teams in Western Europe, now covers the whole of Europe. the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and North Africa), similar to the Valorant circuit. It will also take place on 3 splits instead of the usual two. The first two splits will be followed by the mid-season tournament, but the third and final split will be the big final meeting between all the teams of the EMEA region. It is this final tournament, the antechamber to the League of Legends World Championships, which will take place indoors and in public in Montpellier.

Holding a major League of Legends tournament in France is always an event. The French community is known to be one of the warmest audiences, if not THE audience, when it comes to events on Riot's MOBA. The old-timers still remember All-Stars in Paris in 2014 where, led by Chips and Noi, the crowd on site impressed both the players, the commentators and the viewers on Twitch, with their Spartan shouts.

A craze that will have had a huge impact on the tournament organisers at Riot Games. Since then, France has twice hosted the League of Legends World Championships in 2015 and 2019. The MSI 2018 was also held in France.

However, all these events took place in Paris. With the LEC final, it is the first time that a major stage is played in the provinces. It is therefore the city of Montpellier which was chosen for the occasion. It must be said that the region has been able to invest in esports for several years. We can mention in particular the Occitanie Esports which has been hosting meetings on many games for the past 5 years. Last December, it was at the Occitanie Esports that Mandatory won the French Cup of Valorant.

The tournament will therefore take place this autumn, at a date yet to be determined. The competition will take place in the Sud de France Arena, in the south of Montpellier. The hall can accommodate up to 14,800 spectators. This is enough to accommodate fans from all over Europe and beyond.

Tickets are not yet available, but you can already start to prepare and watch the ticket office.