Team Crocodyle wins the Twitch Rivals EMEA on MultiVersus

Divided into three separate tournaments, EMEA, NA and LATAM, the first ever Twitch Rivals on MultiVersus was particularly intense. The EMEA region and the various French duos had the chance to open the ball last night. The duo Crocodyle/Onutrem dominated throughout the evening, and finally won in Final against Skyyart and Doigby.

Group stage results

The winning duo of this Twitch Rivals announced the colour from the group stage and won all three matches played. Even better, at the hands of Buggs Bunny and Wonder Woman, Crocodyle and Onutrem came out on top. leading Group A without losing a single round. Hats off to you!

Round 1Team Crocodyle_lol2 - 0Team Torro
Round 2Team Crocodyle_lol2 - 0Team AverageHarry_
Round 3Team Crocodyle_lol2 - 0Team Niekbeats

This superb performance propelled the duo directly to the playoffs, alongside other French 100% teams: Doigby and Skyyart, Gotaga and Etoiles, but also Jiraya and Xari. All these duos have also dominated their group.

A flawless journey

After the group stage, Onutrem and Crocodyle moved on to the playoffs. Galvanised by their performance in the previous matches, the two players started this second phase with a new victory against the Team Xiuder_. This first success was only the beginning of a long series. In the Final, they faced Doigby and Skyyart. Again, the team excelled and did not lose a single round in this BO5.

Round 1Team Crocodyle_lol2 - 0Team Xiuder_
Round 2Team Crocodyle_lol2 - 0Team Lythero
Semi-finalTeam Crocodyle_lol3 - 0Team teosgame
FinalTeam Crocodyle_lol3 - 0Team doigby

The Final was intense!

Great games during the playoffs

Team jirayalecochon vs Team AverageHarry_

Team teosgame vs Team gotaga

Team teosgame vs Team crocodyle