GeoGuessr's first World Cup to be broadcast on Twitch

Last year, the Speed Plonkers won the GeoGuessr Team World Cupthe first major competition for the title by Anton Wallén. Following the success of this tournament, the development team wanted to bring together the best players on the planet through the GeoGuessr World Cup. And for the occasion, the developers have pulled out all the stops. The final phase of the championship will be played live from Stockholm's Space Arenaand will also be broadcast on Twitch.

An incredible knowledge of the world

While the GeoGuessr Team World Cup rewards the best team in the world, the World Cup will be played by solo. As indicated by Daniel Antellco-founder and CEO of GeoGuessr, the idea behind this new competition was to The aim is to "bring together some of the best GeoGuessr players on the planet in one place to showcase their incredible knowledge of the world". Because yes, they are extremely talented. As proof, they are sometimes obliged to refer solely to the architecture of buildings to make their guess.

But what is a guess in GeoGuessr? In simple terms, this game is a quiz on the theme of geography. In each round, the player is placed on a road or path, somewhere on the planet, and with the help of what they see on the screen - vegetation, signs, architectural style - they are able to make their way around the world. it must determine its location on Earthaka the famous guess. To make the task even more complex, the aim is to place the marker as close as possible to the actual position, in order to win more points or avoid losing life.

Since the participants are masters of the subject, it can be a little difficult to follow their reasoning, Trevor Rainbolt will be present at the World Cup cast. A true celebrity in the world of GeoGuessr, this American is renowned for his talent, as evidenced by the fact that last June he succeeded in determine the location of an image after viewing it for just 0.1s. He will be joined by a number of other guests over the two days - 13 and 14 October - including Pala, Geo and launders.

In total, 24 participants will be vying for the title of GeoGuessr World Champion and a share of the 50,000$ up for grabs. They include we find Blinkyone of France's most successful players and the only French representative in the competition.

GeoGuessr World Cup format

The World Cup is divided into several stages. All participants will take part in the group phase. The best player in each group will go straight through to the quarter-finals, while the second and third-placed players will take part in an intermediate stage to try and get a slot too. The tournament continues with the semi-finals and the final, which will crown the overall winner. All matches are duelsplayed out over 10 rounds of 60 seconds. You can find all the details at the official website.

GeoGuessr World Cup format

Composition of the groups

Group A

  • Alok
  • Debre
  • ReAnna
  • Shiina
  • Topotic
  • zi8gzag

Group B

  • Consus
  • Gelotris
  • Kodiak
  • maccem
  • Trabota
  • quarksauce

Group C

  • Anananah
  • Chicago Geographer
  • Jupa
  • MatePotato
  • Radu
  • Wolftrekker

Group D

  • Blinky
  • Fungus
  • Giovanni
  • Harmless
  • Lennli
  • Jake Lyons

To follow the tournament live, go to GeoGuessr's Twitch channelon 13 October from 11am CEST.