Gerard Piqué's Kings League is a hit

The Kings League is one of those ambitious and incredible projects that appear on Twitch, as was the Eleven All Stars of Aminematue or the GP Explorer by Squeezie. This new amateur football league has been a hit in Spain since January. Its creator, none other than former professional player Gerard Piqué, has already announced the women's version, entitled Queens League.

What is the Kings League?

At first glance, the Kings League may appear to be a classic amateur football league, but this Spanish league is quite unique. With the Apertura-Clausura formatEach season is divided into two splits, Winter and Summer, each consisting of a regular season and a playoff phase.

If it has been so popular in recent months, it is because this competition is designed for entertainment. The first and most important feature is that all the teams are led by football personalities or recognised content creators. Moreover, the composition of the teams is special. Each team has twelve members, ten of which were randomly selected among the thousands of registered players. The last two slots are reserved for guests, who can be both streamers and professional players.

Forget about matches with twenty-two players on the pitch, here there are only that fourteen people in action A goalkeeper and six players on each side. The field is obviously small, but so are the goals! This makes for some intense and very funny situations to follow.

This is especially true with the very specific rules which were voted on via online polls! For example, the matches last only forty minutes, with two twenty-minute halves. There are no limits on the number of changes. Cards involve two or five minute exclusions. Most importantly, each team has a Golden Card, that can be used once per match, giving a random joker as "Every goal counts double for 2 minutes or "Exclude an opponent for 2 minutes.

An incredible first Split

The Winter Split started on 1 January, hosting twelve teams led by personalities from different backgrounds. Porcinos FC was in the hands of iconic streamer Ibai. Content creator Juan Guarnizo was at the helm of FC Aniquiladores, while FC 1K was overseen by footballer Iker Casillas and Kunisports by Argentine Sergio Agüero. The hundreds of thousands of spectators had the opportunity to see Ronaldinho in action for Porcinos FC or Ibai himself scoring a superb penalty.

In just a few months, the Kings League Twitch channel has accumulated almost 2,500,000 followersThis made it the most followed Spanish channel on the platform. While the competition had already attracted more than 400,000 viewers on Twitch, the Grand Final broke records, with no less than 1,000,000 people simulcasting.

And what a Grand Final it was! For the occasion, the League saw things in (very) big terms, as it welcomed nearly 90,000 people in the legendary Camp Nou stadium of the Barca. Between the planned entertainment - concerts and fireworks in particular - and the final match of the Split, this evening was grandiose.

The Kings League Winter Split final was held at Barcelona's Camp Nou.

With eight wins and only three losses, the Ultimate Mostoles team came out on top in the regular season. However, it was not the team that played in the final, but the teams FC Aniquiladores and El Barrio. Twenty-eight seconds into the game, the latter scored the first goal of the evening, before taking a further lead a few minutes later from a magnificent corner. The team led by the YouTuber Adri Contreras made a clean sweep, eventually winning 3-0.

What's next for the Kings League?

The next step is of course the Summer SplitThis year's competition will start on 7 May and end on 30 July. New faces are expected for even more epic encounters. In addition, it will also be the debut of the Queens Leaguethe women's league by Gerard Piqué.

In a more distant future, an identical League will its appearance in BrazilRonaldinho has already been announced as one of the future managers of a team. Other personalities have turned to the concept, for the Brazilian or Spanish League, such as Neymar who also decided to join the adventure.

And in the even more distant future, the organisers want to extend the concept to other countries. The idea of a real World Championship would not be so surprising, and we would be delighted to see new matches France - Spain on Twitch. We look forward to seeing the evolution of this very ambitious and simply brilliant project!