France on the podium at Twitch Rivals: Riot Games Summer Rumble

From 22 to 24 August, the Twitch Rivals: Riot Games Summer Rumble. France had of course a team involved in the tournament and, after three days of competition, it finished in the 3rd place of the general ranking.

The Twitch Rivals: Riot Games Summer Rumble saw ten teams from ten different countries on three Riot games: League of Legends, Valorant and TeamFight Tactics. Each team consisted of a leader and four TFT players, five LoL players and five Valorant players. The team leader for France was Kameto and it can be said that he was surrounded by very good people.

Team League of Legends :

  • Wao
  • Chap
  • Trayton
  • Chreak
  • Joinze

Team Valorant :

  • Fatiiiih
  • Jbzz
  • Kantraz
  • Mickalow
  • Mel

TeamFight Tactics :

  • Shaunz
  • Gotaga
  • ImSoFresh
  • Arewilia

The competition started rather well for our French, since from the first day, the TFT players scored enough points to be in the top 4 and thus participate in the Top 4 Playoffs. After a good fight on the second day, they finally got a very nice 2nd placejust behind Italy.

On League of LegendsFrance dominated Group A, easily taking first place with 8 wins and 0 losses. They also qualified for the Top 4 Playoffs, where they first faced Turkey in the semi-finals. The match ended in a 2-0 victory, which gave them their place in the final. Unfortunately, the team had a harder time against Team East and eventually lost 1-2. However, they still managed to secure a 2nd place deserved.

Finally, the team VALORANT also fought well throughout the competition. Our players finished second in Group A, with 6 wins and 2 losses, placing them behind Germany. Just like in the other games, the French qualified for the Top 4 Playoffs, where they faced Team East. The match ended 1-2 in favour of the opponents and our players had to play a final match to determine who would get the 3rd place between them and the German players. After two very tightly contested maps, France emerged victorious and won the 3rd place.

Thanks to these good results, Team France achieved a total of 290 points and was thus able to afford a 3rd place overall, behind Team East (300 points) and Team Italy (310 points). Congratulations to all the players!