The date and time of the GP Explorer 2, the car race broadcast on Twitch

For several months, the return of the Explorer Grand Prix was only a possibility. Recently, it has become a reality! Announced by Squeezie On May 4th, the car race bringing together twenty or so personalities from the French Twitch and Youtube scenes is making a comeback. We'll find old competitors like Gotaga, Seb, Sylvain and Depielo, but also new faces, like Maghla, Billy, Mister V or Baghera. In this article we give you the important dates and times to remember concerning the GP Explorer 2.

This new edition of the race between content creators will be held Saturday 9 September. Just like last year, the drivers will compete on the legendary Bugatti circuit in Le Mans. The show put on by Squeezie will run from 9am to nearly 8.30pm. Various activities will be offered throughout the day, particularly in the sports village.

There is no doubt that the 60,000 tickets that will go on sale will sell out in a matter of minutes, as last year the first batch of 20,000 tickets sold out in a short time. So if you want to buy a ticket for this GP Explorer, make a note of the following date: the box office opens 24 May.

Photo of the Le Mans circuit from the GP Explorer 1 trailer

Even before setting off on a crazy race, the 12 selected teams will participate in a free testing phaseThe event will start at 9am. According to Squeezie, the live show may be active as early as 8:30 am. Later in the day, at around 2pm, the 24 contenders for the GP Explorer 2 title will take to the track to the qualification stage. This stage is of the utmost importance, as it determines the position of each rider on the starting grid of the racewhich will kick off in 7pm sharp.

Photo of the Le Mans circuit from the GP Explorer 1 trailer

If you want to follow this event live, go to Squeezie's Twitch channel.