Kameto unveils the Infernal Tower with Red Bull

Last night, the Kameto has unveiled a new Twitch project inspired by Battle Royale, called Red Bull Tour Infernale. At the end of this unique competition, combining video games and mind games, only one participant will emerge victorious.

Key points concerning Red Bull Tour Infernale by Kameto :

  • 1 round, 100 participants, 1 winner,
  • Solo or in teams, gaming and thinking challenges,
  • Cash prize defined at the time of the event,
  • Broadcast on Twitch on 3 December,

If some know him through the performances of the Karmine Corp, Kameto is also a streamer in its own right. Very active on Twitch, he has over 1.8 million followers on the platform. Last March, his career even took a new turn, since he joined the Red Bull Family as a Red Bull Player. In collaboration with the Austrian firm, Kameto is today presenting a major new event, entitled Red Bull Tour Infernale.

The concept is quite simple: 100 participants will be grouped together in a tower, and will compete in various events. As indicated in the rules of the tournament and the trailer, there will be different types of event, with a new event revealed on each floor.

While we'll have to wait until D-Day to find out more about the format of each challenge, we already know that video games will be at the heart of some of them. But that's not all! It seems that the participants will also have to use their brains. in tests of thinking and logic.

In the style of Battle Royale or the Squid Game series, participants will be gradually eliminatedAnd in the end, only one will remain! The prize fund has not yet been revealed, but the winner will pocket a reward.

If you would like to take part, pre-registration is now open. You need to fill in a form on the dedicated website. Please note that you must be at least 18 years old to have a chance of being selected. In addition, you must live in France or be French-speaking and be available. 3 Decemberfrom midday to midnight.

And for those of you not selected for the event, you can still follow the whole competition live on Kameto's Twitch channel.