Kameto announces a One Piece JDR on Twitch

After announcing its project The Towering Inferno with Redbullthe streamer Kameto unveils a new arc on its Twitch channel. On the programme, a JDR on the theme of One Pièce, in the company of AmineMaTue and Mastu. It promises to be an epic adventure!

One Piece is a manga series created by Eiichirō OdaThe first chapters date back to 22 July 1997. The adventure of Luffy and the rest of the Chapeau de Paille crew is still ongoing. Marketed in France by Glénat, the series has reached 105 volumes last September. They will have to go through many more adventures to get their hands on the One Piece, the famous treasure bequeathed to the world by Gold Roger.

But Luffy and his comrades have better things to do, as three other renowned pirates are preparing to scour the seas of Grand Line in search of riches and glory. They are, Kameto, Amine and Mastu will soon be launching an RPG based on the One Piece universe.

The first session will take place this Wednesday 22 Novemberstarting at 8.30pm. The campaign is expected to run for several weeks, with a guest joining the cast for each new live show. If you want to follow their adventures live, go to the Twitch channel of one or other of the participants:

Who will become king of the pirates? Suspense...