Download the Ascension Maps, the new Trackmania tournament from ZeratoR

Announced a short time ago, the Ascension is the newest competition open to all, organised by ZeratoR. For this first edition, participants will compete on Trackmania. As it was the case for the Trackmania Cup, tracks are specially designed by ZeratoR. While he was the only mapper on this mythical event, he will be accompanied by the streamer Stars for the Ascension, with whom he will be hosting the tournament. Whether you want to take part in the qualifiers or simply discover the maps, you need access to these famous circuits. We explain in detail how to do this.

The 2023 Ascension Tours

As soon as a circuit is completed and validated by ZeratoR or Etoiles, it is directly integrated into the ZeratoR Club on the game servers. We will update the list of maps as they are validated.

Phase 1 maps

  • Tour n°1 - Boredom - ZeratoR
  • Circuit n°2 - Apres En Sillons - ZeratoR
  • Route 3 - Pyra-finish - ZeratoR
  • Circuit n°4 - Plasticot - ZeratoR
  • Route no. 5 - Even markets - ZeratoR
  • Circuit n°6 - Wheels in red - ZeratoR
  • Circuit n°7 - Bluepinglace - ZeratoR
  • Route no. 8 - Trialogo - ZeratoR
  • Circuit n°9 - Remasterieau - ZeratoR
  • Circuit n°10 - Quasi-symmetry - ZeratoR
  • Route no. 11 - Grottesque - ZeratoR
  • Circuit n°12 - Money tyre - ZeratoR
  • Route no. 13 - Premiere Etoiles - Stars

Phase 2 maps

  • Route no. 1 - RedconciLille - ZeratoR
  • Circuit n°2 - Phareapeaupied - ZeratoR
  • Route no. 3 - Epinglace - ZeratoR
  • Route 4 - Lenturn - ZeratoR
  • Route no. 5 - Glasticut- ZeratoR
  • Circuit n°6 - DirTuyau6 - ZeratoR
  • Circuit n°7 - TransfeRayou - ZeratoR
  • Circuit n°8 - Ascenciel - ZeratoR
  • Circuit n°9 - Pneumimporte - ZeratoR
  • Route n°10 - Eaugoutdujour - ZeratoR
  • Route n°11 - Third Stars - Stars

The bonus map

  • Unique tour - Pizzamap
Dates of the Ascension 2023 tournament on Trackmania

How to access the ZeratoR circuits?

To test your driving skills on the Ascension circuits, you can use two methods ; it all depends on your version of the game. Please note that you need to have either the Standard or the Club version. If you only have the Starter version, you will not be able to play on the maps.

Access to maps with the Standard version

Using this method, you need to go to Live Mode. From the main menu, click on Play then on the Live button. The next step is to click on Arcade.

Access the Ascension tournament tracks via the Campaign Library in Trackmania.

The Ascension 2023 circuits are available in the first visible content. The Club should be in the first or second position. Click on the button to open the list of maps.

Access the Ascension tournament tracks via the Club list in Trackmania.

Via the Standard version, you also have the possibility to access the Ascension maps thanks to the Campaign Library tab. This is accessible from Solo mode. Once you are in, simply enter "Ascension" in the search bar or select the Club directly if you see it in the list.

Access to maps with the Club version

This level of access offers a number of benefits, including the ability to track and access content from various creators such as ZeratoR. When you are in the main menu, click on Cluband then search for the Club ZeratoR in the list. Click on it.

Access the Ascension tournament tracks via the ZeratoR Club in Trackmania.

Once you have completed this step, all you have to do is select the Qualifs - Training exhibition or the ZLAN 2023 exhibition in the list of available content. It contains all the maps created for the event, which are already online.

Access the Ascension Tournament tracks via the Club tab in ZeratoR.

As a reminder, the first stage of the tournament will take place 29 June at the Casino de Paris. To find all the important dates of the Ascension, please refer to our dedicated article on this subject.

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