He finishes Zelda BOTW blindfolded in record time

There are many ways to finish a video game. Some people like to take their time, others like to finish it as quickly as possible, or they like to impose constraints on themselves. A few weeks ago, a streamer managed to finish Elden Ring by playing with one hand. Today we are talking about CrystalSaver who managed to finish Zelda BOTW the blindfolded and in record time.

Zelda Breath of the Wild is a game that normally promises dozens and dozens of hours of play. However, some people have already had fun with it by speedrun. For those unfamiliar with the term, speedrunning is the practice of completing a game as quickly as possible. Games like Zelda, which normally offer many hours of fun, can be finished in a few hours or less.

This is what the streamer has done CrystalSaver. However, his game has a small peculiarity, since it was played on blindfolded. Impossible you say? Well, it is, and he even managed to finish the game in record time. His stopwatch was precisely stopped at one hour, twenty nine minutes and thirty seven seconds.

Of course, this was not the first time he had attempted to set this record. Indeed, it can take months or even years of training to fully memorise the necessary manipulations for a speedrun, especially when the run is done blindfolded. The streamer here had to memorise many sound variations to know whether he had succeeded or failed in his quests and against the bosses he faced. It must also have taken a lot of effort to memorise the space in which he was moving correctly so that he would not be lost once the blindfold was on. However, all his hard work paid off in the end!

For comparison purposes, Ponce managed to finish the game in less than an hourafter almost a year of intensive training. Of course, he had his eyes open and was coached at length by a professional speedrunner.

Regarding CrystalSaverhe had already managed to finish the whole game in 2019, under the same conditions and with a little less than 104 hours.

If, like us, you are impressed and want to see this performance from A to Z, go to the CrystalSaver Twitch channel.