Inoxtag unveils Don't Fall Everest on Fortnite

Recently, content creator Inoxtag has unveiled a special map for Fortnite, inspired by of Only Up!the little independent game that caused a buzz on Twitch this summer. Entitled Don't Fall EverrestIt invites you to climb one obstacle after another to reach the summit.

A virtual Mount Everest in Fortnite

Eight months ago, Inès Benazzouz, aka InoxtagIn a video he revealed his next challenge. And what a challenge! The streamer announced that he wanted to climbing the Roof of the World - Mount Everest - in 2024. Determined to succeed in this challenge of a lifetime, he has already achieved his first objective, climbing to the summit of Mont Blanc.

But Everest is a different kettle of fish... While waiting to tread the snows of this mythical peak, the streamer will have the opportunity to reach those of the virtual version created in Fortnite. In collaboration with Samo and YoshiftInoxtag is offering a map for Epic Games' shooter, Don't Fall Everestwhich echoes his crazy project.

Inspired by the Twitch Only Up! phenomenon, this unique map takes players on a journey of discovery. a maze of obstacles of all kinds - roots, buildings, flying toilets - culminating in the summit of a gigantic mountain. The aim is to reach the highest point. If you're not familiar with Only Up! the objective may seem rather simple, but the reality is quite different. The route requires precision and reflectionAnd any fall can be so fatal that you'll have to start all over again...

The Kame House is hidden on Inoxtag's Don't Fall Everest map in Fortnite.

The trailer mentions several surprises on the way to glory. A few frames later, we see a small house on an island, reminiscent of Genius Turtle's famous Kame House in the Dragon Ball series.

You too can discover all the easter-eggs or simply test your agility on this map, as it is accessible to all players who own Fortnite. We wish you the best of luck!

How to play Inoxtag's Don't Fall Everest card

There are two ways to set off on an adventure on Inoxtag's Don't Fall Everest map. As mentioned above, you'll need to download Fortnite in all cases.

  • First method - You can recover the card using the following code: 1248-7179-4524. In the battle royale, click on the magnifying glass at the top left, then enter the code. All that's left to do is click Select and Play.
  • Second method - You can also find the map via the main menu, as it is available in the Trends sectionfor the time being.

To come back to it more easily in the future, you can add it to your favouritesClick on the heart when you launch it.