He finishes Sekiro on electronic saxophone without dying

FromSoftware's titles are often popular with gamers who enjoy a challenge and aren't afraid to die once or twice (or more)! Recently, the streamer DrDeComposing managed to complete Sekiro Shadows Die TwiceHe did not use a keyboard or a joystick, but an electronic saxophone. What's more, he achieved this feat without dying even once.

Content creators who love speedruns and other superplays are always finding new ways to make their game more complicated. At the end of last year, the speedrunner MissMikkaa had set itself the objective of finish Elden Ring with joystick and dance floor simultaneously. Although it may seem impossible, she proved the opposite and knocked down the two end humps on 8 January.

DrDeComposing also took on FromSoftware's latest game with his favourite instrument. While it was not an easy task, he finally managed to beat the Elden Beast to end the sa run Rune Level 1.

DrDeComposing is determined to continue its success and has embarked on a new challenge, on a completely different level, entitled The Deathless Doot Run. By the end of 2023, it aims to complete the following 7 major games from FromSoftware, without dying, including Elden Ring, Sekiro and the Darksouls. To succeed in such a task, it goes without saying that intense training is required!

With this objective in mind, the composer began his adventure Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. After several weeks of hard fighting against the game's moguls, notably Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa, or Genichiro Ashina, DrDeComposing found himself up against Emma and then Isshin Ashina. In less than five minutes, he knocked out both characters, concluding the attempt with a very modest "And that is Sekiro deathless baby!"

Continuing his training for the Deathless Doot Run, the streaker is now attempting to finish the Darksouls with his saxophone. We can't wait to see if he manages to complete his ultimate challenge! In the meantime, you can also check out his Deathless Run on Bloodborne. In addition to being impressive, this feat is very funny, as his saxophone makes strange sounds when he activates one or the other key!