HyP and ZeratoR take part in DreamHack Winter 2023

Recently, ZeratoR revealed on social networks that he was back on the road to DreamHack. After taking part in the CS:GO tournament in 2019, he is now tackling the competition on Valorant. For the occasion, he will once again be teaming up with MoManwith his Indy Spensable team-mate. HyP, captain of Mandatorywill also be taking part. The battle for the podium is on!

What is DreamHack?

Initially, at the end of the 90s, DreamHack was a simple gathering of computer and video game enthusiasts, held in the basement of a Swedish school. Today, this event is recognised worldwide as being the largest festival dedicated to digital activities and takes place at the Elmia Congress & Concert Hall in Jönköping.

While it's now possible to discover cosplayers and meet content creators, the DreamHack is first and foremost known for being a massive LAN. Every year, this local network tournament brings together several hundred players, some from far and wide, to compete in a variety of video games, including Counter Strike, League of Legends and Valorant.

A new medal?

ZeratoR is not going into uncharted waters. The streamer has already taken part in DreamHack in the past, with Team Indy Spensable, made up of MoMaN, CarlJr, Bodyy and NBK. Together, they took part in the Bring Your Own Computer CS:GO and even managed to secure the silver medal.

This year, he's setting out to conquer some very different maps, as it's on the Valorant maps that he'll be trying to win at DreamHack Winter 2023. To do so, he can count on the talent of HyP and its odin, but also on the know-how of MoMaN, Flora and Gabi.

The competition will take place from 23 to 26 November. If you want to follow the adventures of the five friends live, everything will be broadcast on ZeratoR's Twitch channel.