Squeezie's Grand Prix Explorer (Tickets, Dates, Teams...)

Earlier in the year, Squeeziethe famous YouTuber, announced the Explorer Grand Prix. The concept is simple, but grandiose to say the least, and never seen before: several duos of content creators will compete in Formula 4on the mythical Le Mans Bugatti circuit. The training phases have already been completed, but the final confrontation is still to come. Dates, ticket purchases, teams present... we explain everything in this article.

Training phase - Grand Prix Explorer by Squeezie

Buy tickets for the Explorer Grand Prix

The first batch of 20,000 tickets was quickly sold out after it went on sale. Nevertheless, new tickets are available. You can buy 4-seater packsfor €150, or of entries alonefor €42. Access is free for all children under 8 years old, with proof of age. In addition to access to the Village (shops and activities), you can visit the Stands of the different stables.

Date and time of the Explorer Grand Prix

The Explorer Grand Prix will take place 8 October next, of 8am to 7pm. The visit of the Stands will take place on the slot 12:30-14:00.

What is the format of the day?

This single grand prize will be divided into several stages. It will start with afree trialsThis will allow all drivers to get back in control of their vehicles. This will be followed by qualificationsThis will determine the position of each duo at the start of the race. At the end of the day, after the said racethe winners will ride on the the podium to receive their prize.

Who are the participants?

For this adventure, Squeezie has brought together a total of 22 content creatorsThis will include a number of teams from various platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. They will be divided into 11 teams of two drivers. Here is the list of guests:

  • Team 1: Squeezie & Gotaga,
  • Team 2: Depielo & Valouzz
  • Team 3: Joyca & Théo Babac
  • Team 4: Xari & Domingo
  • Team 5: Amixem & Etienne Moustache
  • Team 6: Djilsi and Manon (AllonsRider)
  • Team 7: Le Bouseuh & Kaatsup
  • Team 8: The Vilebrequin duo, Sylvain & Pierre
  • Team 9: Seb la Frite & Sofyan
  • Team 10: Deujna & Dobby
  • Team 11: Bibi & Prime

If you haven't had time to get a ticket or can't make it to the event, the entire competition will be broadcast live on Squeezie's Twitch channel.