GP Explorer 2 by Squeezie (Tickets, Date, Teams...)

Last year, Squeeziethe number one YouTuber in France, created a buzz with his event Explorer Grand Prix. This huge and grandiose project pitted eleven duos of content creators against each other in a Formula 4 race on the legendary Bugatti circuit in Le Mans. With the resounding success of this first editionand audience records, it is not surprising that Lucas Hauchard unveiled the GP Explorer 2. Date, new teams, buying tickets... we explain everything you need to know in this article.

The participating teams

This new edition is even more ambitious than the previous one, as there will be one more duo than last year, making a total of 24 content creatorsSqueezie included. Once again, these Twitch and YouTube stars are divided into different teams, each with a car customised in their brand's colours.

Back in the competition, Sylvain of Vilebrequin, will do everything to keep his title. To do so, he will have to deal with former competitors, but also to the twelve new challengers who are joining the starting grid this year. Here is the list of guests:

  • Team 1: Squeezie and Gotaga - Ecurie Gentle Mates
  • Team 2: Seb and Maghla (new entrant) - Ecurie RhinoShield
  • Team 3: Kaatsup and Lebouseuh - Ecurie Overwatch 2
  • Team 4: Etienne and Amixem - Ecurie Wargaming
  • Team 5: Depielo and Manon (from AllonsRider) - Ecurie Rac(H)er by Alpine
  • Team 6: Sylvain and Pierre - Ecurie NordVPN
  • Team 7: Djilsi and Theodort (new entrant) - Ecurie Alpine
  • Team 8: Billy and Kekra (new participants) - Crunchyroll stable
  • Team 9: Ana On Air and M.Biaggi (new entrants) - Ecurie Mouv'
  • Team 10: Baghera and Horty (new entrants) - Ecurie Cupra
  • Team 11: Myster V and Théo Juice (new entrants) - Ecurie Subway
  • Team 12: SCH and Soso Maness (new entrants) - Mystery stable

Buy tickets for the GP Explorer 2

At the moment, tickets are not yet on sale. Online ticketing will open on May 24th, when Squeezie will make new announcements about the event. No less than 60,000 seats will be available for purchase, which is double the number from last year, so fans will be delighted!

Prices should be similar to those of the first Grand PrixJust a few euros more. As a reminder, the 4-seat packs were sold for 150, while the single seats were available for 42€.

Date and Time of the GP Explorer 2

GP Explorer 2 will be held Saturday 9 September. The day will kick off at around 9am. Since the race itself will start at around 7pm, the conclusion of the event should take place at around 8.30pm.

In addition, spectators will enjoy a number of surprise events on the track. The first of these will take place at around 1.30pm, shortly after the pit visit scheduled for midday, while the second will take place at around 4pm. There may also be a post-event party, according to Squeezie live.

What is the format of the day?

This second Grand Prix will also be divided into several stages. The competition will begin with afree trialsThis will be a time for the drivers to get to grips with the Formula 4s. It will continue with the qualifications. This determines the position of each driver on the starting grid. At the end of the day, the winners will ride on the podium to receive their prize.

Whether you haven't had the time to get a ticket or you can't make it to the event on the day, you can still enjoy this high-profile motoring event directly on Squeezie's Twitch channel.

We can't wait to see what's new in the sports village, which guests will join the cast alongside Doigby and what other surprises Squeezie has in store for viewers!