Kings World Cup format and rules

The kick-off of the Kings World Cup has been given. And much to the delight of French fans, the Foot2Rue won its first match. If you followed the match, you may not have understood everything, as the rules are so numerous and sometimes complex. To help you follow the forthcoming clashes more closely, here are a few suggestions an explanation of the formata summary of how a match works, and jokers recap available.

What is the Kings World Cup?

The Kings World Cup is an international football competitionwhich is derived from Gérard Piqué's Kings League. It brings together no fewer than 32 teams for some unusual matches, 7 against 7. Ten teams come from the Spanish Kings Leagueten from the American Kings League and the last twelve from the rest of the world. The stakes are colossal, since the winning team will receive $1 million.

The tournament takes place from 26 May to 8 Juneon which date the final at the Estadio BBVAin Mexico. The entire event will be broadcast live on the official Twitch channel and those of the content creators involved. The teams are managed by personalities from the web and the world of sport. This first edition is sponsored by Zlatan Ibrahimović himself.

What makes the Kings World Cup unique is that the teams are not professional teams. In fact, the teams are made up of ordinary people, selected by the chairmen, as well as two or three professional players. For Franceis the streamer AmineMaTue who takes on this role.

Kings World Cup format

The Kings World Cup is divided in two stages Phase 1 and the Knockout phase. The first stage is a bit special, so we'll go into more detail in the next paragraph.

Kings World Cup format and Bracket
The overall format of the Kings World Cup 2024
  • Phase 1 operation - Swiss system phase

Round 1
32 teams
No eliminations

Round 2
16 teams in the Winner's bracket
16 teams in the Loser bracket
8 teams eliminated
8 teams qualify for the next stage

Last Chance
16 teams
8 teams eliminated
8 teams qualify for the next stage

The first phase of the Kings World Cup comprises a total of 40 matchesThere are three main stages: Round 1, Round 2 and the Last Chance. The objective couldn't be simpler: get two wins before accumulating 2 defeats.

In Round 1The 32 teams play a single match. If they win, they move up to the Winner's bracket in Round 2, otherwise they fall into the Loser's bracket.

Round 2The eight winners of the Bracket Winner qualify directly for the Knockout phase. The losers of the Bracket Winner and the winners of the Bracket Loser are grouped together for the final stage. Those who lose in the Bracket Loser are eliminated from the tournament for good.

At the Last ChanceThere are only 16 teams left. As the name suggests, it offers teams a last chance to qualify for the rest of the competition. Teams that lose their match are eliminated from the tournament.

  • How the Knockout phase works

This stage is the most intense of the competition, as it aims to determine the two finalists. It is divided into four stages These are the Round of 16, the Quarter-finals, the Semi-finals and the Final. Each match is a play-off.

The round of 16 features the top sixteen teams from the previous phase : the eight teams qualified via Round 2 and the eight teams qualified via the Last Chance. The number of teams competing is reduced at each stage.

The team that wins the Final will be crowned Champion of this first edition and will receive the $1 million prize.

Understanding the rules of the Kings World Cup

The Kings World CupPas is not just another football competitionnot only because the matches are played 7 against 7, but also and above all because there are very specific rules to spice up the game and add a bit of fun. With all the subtleties, it's not easy to understand everything, so we've prepared a quick recap of what can happen during the match.

About the course of a match

Kings World Cup matches are all divided into two 20-minute periodsAdditional time may be added if necessary. If the score is tied after 38 minutes, the match continues with the But Double account effect. And if the two teams still have to settle the tie at the end of regulation time, the match continues with a classic penalty shoot-out.

About the first five minutes

The first five minutes of the game are quite unusual in that they set up the match. Initially, only one player from each team is on the pitch, in addition to the goalkeeper. After that, it's all over, the team is growing by the minute. This means that the match goes from 3vs3 after one minute of play - there is no 2v2 - to 4v4 after two minutes, to 7v7 in the fifth minute. Thereafter, if there are no restrictions in place, players can be replaced at any time, without limit.

About the dice at the end of the first half

Two minutes before the end of the first half, a die is rolled. The number that appears corresponds to the number of players who will remain on the pitch in each team. For example, if the number 3 falls, the match continues as 3v3 and if it's 6, it's 6v6.

About penalties

As in a normal football match, players can be penalised by a yellow card or a red card.

  • Yellow card: 2-minute temporary exclusion. If there is not enough time left in the period, the rest of the time is carried over to the next period. If a player receives a second yellow card, he also receives a red card.
  • Red card: permanent expulsion of the player penalised, but he may be replaced 5 minutes later.

All Jokers for Kings World Cup matches

Jokers are what make Kings League matches so exciting. A joker is a secret weapon that gives an advantage for the team using it. Each team has only one joker per game, which is drawn at random by the coacha few minutes before kick-off. A joker may be used at any time during the match, except during the last two minutes of play.

Here is the list of all available jokers and their effects :

  • Double goal Each goal counts double for 4 minutes.
  • Suspension The team chooses an opponent (except the goalkeeper) who must be out for 4 minutes.
  • Shootout Penalty shoot-out: the team gets a penalty shoot-out, which works in the same way as the end-of-match shoot-out.
  • Penalty kick The team wins a standard penalty.
  • Star player Goal: The coach chooses a player from the team. His first goal counts double.
  • Joker Bonus: the team can choose which bonus to use or decide to cancel the opponent's bonus.
  • President's shot Penalty kicks: before the match, the team presidents can choose to kick a penalty kick during the match.

To follow the matches of the French team, called Foot2Rue, go to AmineMaTue's Twitch channel.