Format of the Game Pass Challenge 2024

It's official, The Game Pass Challenge is back. The competition is still based on titles available in Game Pass, but the overall format changes. Quest system, experience gain, games... We explain everything you need to know in this article.

How can I take part in the Game Pass Challenge?

This new edition of the Game Pass Challenge is open to all playersWhatever their level on the selected games. You'll find the list below. To take part in the competition, you must nevertheless have a Game Pass account. You also need to register and create a profile on the gamepasschallenge website. Registrations will open shortly.

Seasons and quest system

The Game Pass Challenge 2024 is a monthly competition. Each month gives rise to a season, which lasts a full week. During that week, participants must complete a number of questsfor a given Game Pass title. The total number of quests varies depending on the game.

There are different types of quests - a main quest, side quests and daily quests - which allow you to acquire more or fewer experience points. By accumulating XP, you join the overall leaderboard for the season. The more you earn, the higher you climb in the rankings. The aim is to finish among the best to earn rewards.

Gain experience by completing quests

Content creators also take part in quests. If you manage to surpass them in the rankings, you'll receive special badgeswhich will be displayed on your profile.

Each season ends with a live broadcasthosted by ZeratoR. Over the course of the evening, the guests take on new challenges on the game of the month and win rewards for viewers.

Join a guild

It will also be possible to join a guild of players and content creators.

Game Pass Challenge dates

March 2024: VALORANT

15 March 2024 : Announcement of challenges
from 16 to 23 March 2024 : The competition is launched
28 March 2024: Closing stream and CEO Battle

The 2023 GPC games

At the moment, two games have been unveiledThis means that there will be at least four separate seasons. More titles may be revealed in the future.

  • League of Legends

How do I earn rewards?

Game Pass Challenge 2023 awards

Because it's a competition, the best male and female players will be rewarded at the end of each season. However, it will also be possible to obtain gifts from a prize drawwhich includes all the season's participants. And, as we said earlier, there are prizes to be won during the monthly shows.