Etoiles, Kameto and three other Frenchmen join the multilingual Minecraft server QSMP

Announced in early Marchthe server QSMP Quackity opened its doors a few weeks later. Although this Minecraft RP adventure started with only 15 members, the server population has been growing ever since. Recently, several streamers from Brazil were invited to take part in this unique project. Very soon, five French personalities will join, Stars, Kameto, Antoine Daniel, Baghera Jones and Aypierre who also received their invitation.

What is the QSMP server?

With the popularity of Minecraft over the past decade, many streamers and other content creators have chosen to open their own servers on the sandbox. This is particularly the case for Areliann, with Mew World or Inoxtag, with the One Cube, a server that recently closed its doors. Finally, each one tries in its own way to offer a unique experience to players... but the QSMPHe's even stronger!

Before we get into the details, let's start at the beginning: what does QSMP mean? It is simply an acronym for Quackity's Survival MultiPlayerwhich translates into French as The Quackity Multiplayer Survival Server. If you are unfamiliar with this name, you are probably wondering who this famous Quackity is.

Native to Mexico, QuackityAlexis is one of the biggest content creators in the world, specialising mainly in Minecraft and Roblox. He has no less than 5.8 million followers on the Twitch platform and has over 6.3 million subscribers on YouTube. Since he started on the Internet, he has sought to to unite communities and players from all over the world despite the language barrier. Easier said than done... but not impossible!

With this in mind, he created a real-time machine translation tool for the QSMP. And that's the strength of this Minecraft server. It's dedicated to content creators from different parts of the world and brings together people who don't speak the same languages.

However, they can still communicate with each other, live, through instantaneous translation of voices in the form of small bubblesThe tool is now capable of translating a multitude of languages, from German, Spanish, French, Brazilian, Japanese and Italian to English. Today, his tool is capable of translating live into a multitude of languages, from German, Spanish, French, Brazilian, Japanese and Italian to name but a few.

In the manner of Amine's PR SchoolIn the QSMP, personalities who take part in the QSMP build and develop their own character by interacting with other players and participating in activities, so that that a gigantic story is createdAs time goes by and newcomers join the group, the group will be able to continue its work.

France arrives in the server!

And there will be newcomers very soon. We still remember Rayou White, Antoine Croute, Donation de Montazac and Patrick Pagnolesse, the characters that Stars, Baghera Jones, Antoine Daniel and Ayepierre during the GTA RPZ organised by ZeratoR. Starting next week, accompanied by KametoThese four well-known faces of the French Twitch and YouTube Game will put all their acting talent at the service of their characters in the QSMP.

They will take their first steps in the international server from Tuesday 16 May. If you want to experience their first live interactions with other players and find out more about this crazy project, check out their Twitch channel:

We look forward to following their adventures, just as Etoiles looks forward to "full of fun with streamers he doesn't know and enjoy himself". !