The Zen show by Maxime Biaggi and Grimkujow live from Le Zénith in Paris

More and more Twitch shows and events, such as from Tablequest by AlphaCastThe new series, which will be shown in a number of prestigious venues, will include one or more episodes. Recently, Maxime Biaggi and Grimkujow, presenters of Zenhave decided to take the plunge. In June, the two internet stars will host the final show of season 2 since the Zenith stage in Paris. It's a great development for the late-show created less than two years ago!

What is Zen?

Zen is the French Twitch programme - broadcast every other Monday since October 2021 - that is making television obsolete. It is a late-show with sauce The Tonight Showthe American programme presented by Jimmy Fallen, in which Maxime Biaggi and Grim, in costume, host Web personalities.

Interviews, sketches, zany happenings and content tailored to the guests, all with an offbeat tone... that's the recipe for success of this new programme watched by thousands of people.

Because yes, Zen beats audience records. While the first season only attracted only From an average of 3,700 viewers, there are now ten times that number following the season 2 shows. Some have even recorded peaks of around 130,000 simultaneous viewers. With chic guests including Inoxtag, MacFly & Carlito, Mister V, Léna Situations and Mister V, to name but a few, the show is sure to draw in the crowds.

Season 2 closes at Zénith

What was just a play on words between us becomes a show with you

Maxime Biaggi and Grimkujow

And because their project is working so well, the two presenters have decided to go even further for the final show of season 2. Not only will they will receive Squeeziethe number 1 French Youtubeur, but they'll do it too live from the Zénith stage in Paris. From what we can see in the announcement trailer, a few other content creators, Bezigue and Theorus in particular, will probably be on board.

This unique evening will take place on 26 Juneat 8pm. The official box office will open its doors on Tuesday 30 May at 7pm. Tickets cost between €15 and €50, depending on the category. Given the buzz surrounding this event, you'll need to be quick if you want to buy one of the following 5500 tickets on sale. Alternatively, you can watch the show on Maxime Biaggi's Twitch channel.

No details of the evening's content have been released, but it's easy to imagine that the subject of GP Explorer 2 will be brought in at some point. The second edition of the Formula 4 race, organised by Squeezie and bringing together a number of content creators, is scheduled for 9 September.