She tries to finish off Elden Ring with a joystick and a dance mat

Released last February, Elden Ring has been emulated all over the world and continues to convince new players. Many people have tried speedruns, no-hits and other superplays. In order to make the runs more and more complex and spectacular, the streakers set themselves crazy challenges. This is notably the case of MissMikkaawho is trying to complete the adventure on two games at the same time, one on the controller, the other on the dance floor.

Streamer MissMikkaa is not new to the game. In August, she managed to finish Elden Ring with one hand. She then set about overcoming the bumps in the game with the help of a dance mat, a new and challenging task which she finally met with flying colours.

While some players are still struggling to finish Elden Ring for the first time, MissMikkaa has set herself a final challenge. And what a challenge! As an expert on FromSoftware's game, she undertook to beat the different bumps on two versions in parallel.

If the task already appears complex, it becomes even more so when one considers that it uses a joystick for a version and its dance floor for the other. To top it all off, she chose to fight and defeat every entity in the game at the same time on both sides.

Despite the apparent difficulty, the streamer has already knocked down Stonedigger Trollthe first boss of the Elden Ring. She is now trying to defeat Margit, the Fell Omen.

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