She takes on Elden Ring with a real guitar

MissMikkaa is now known for its crazy challenges on Elden Ring. Recently, she has set herself a new and fascinating challenge. This time, she wants to complete FromSoftware's game by playing the guitar. The adventure begins today.

Elden Ring, like many other Souls, is a popular game for speedrunners. Some are indeed looking to finish the title as quickly as possible, but others have quite different plans. For MissMikkaa the length of a run doesn't matter What matters is to complete the story. A task that may seem simple for seasoned players...

Nevertheless, MissMikkaa always spices up her games with some, shall we say, epic challenges! In the past, she beat the Elden Beast one-handedbefore trying her luck again with a dance mat. Recently, the content creator managed to complete two versions of Elden Ring in parallel. A feat that is even more impressive when you consider that she played one part at the controller and the other while dancing.

After these last surprising attempts, the streamer started a new and even more prodigious run, namely finish Elden Ring with a real guitar. As she explained, this run was particularly complex to put in place "We worked for hours out of the stream to make it work"..

After asking the community for an explosive name for his new character, GuitarnishedShe began her new adventure... not without difficulty.

For this challenge, she uses Abject Audio Inputs software. This allows frequencies to be associated with a key on the keyboard. Thus, when it plays a specific note or chord, it can perform the corresponding action while playing. For example, Agreement G allows it to move forward for about 3 seconds, while she can attack with the minor A.

MissMikkaa tries to finish Elden Ring by playing music with a guitar and the Abject Audio Inputs software.

We followed the beginning of his new adventures. The least we can say is that it is going to be difficult, but particularly fun! Here are a few clips to better understand the difficulty of the task. We can't wait to see the first boss battles.

The first bridge is done.

The attacks follow one another!

If you want to watch its progress live, go to Twitch channel.