L'Échappée de Domingo returns with a new format

L'Échappéethe famous virtual cycling race organised by Domingois back for its fifth edition. Participants will be sweating just as hard this year, but this time, no avatar in sight. They will attack to the Corsican Massifhair blowing in the wind, right on the pavement!

Domingo is known for his particular interest in the world of sport. He has organised more than one sports project and challenge on Twitch, including the 3v3 ContestParis-Roubaix with Inoxtag, the Paris Marathon and the various iterations of the Échappée.

This programme was launched in 2021. Initially, during this cycling competitionThis year, participants were competing in a 30km virtual race on the Zwift platform. By this we mean that the athletes, streamers, were grouped together in a room and had the opportunity to take part in a virtual race. they moved their avatar along a virtual circuit as they pedalled. The whole thing was broadcast live on Twitch, of course.

More kilometres to cover, an interminable climb for an increasingly colossal effort, challenges on the track of a real velodrome... with the following editions, the race has evolved somewhatBut the DNA of the project has remained. And for the fifth Échappée, Domingo has taken the challenge even further.

This year, runners will set off from the start of a real outdoor racedirectly on the roads of the Massif de Corse. In fact, it would be more accurate to use the past tense. According to the trailer broadcast on X, it would appear that the race has already taken place and that it will not be broadcast live this year.

What's more, the video will soon be available on YouTube. If you want to find out who won this fifth edition, go to Domingo's channel, this Saturday 18 November at 12 noon.