From Valorant to Twitch Rivals: Riot Games Summer Rumble

To end the summer in style, the Twitch Rivals are offering a special Riot Games edition: the Riot Games Summer Rumble. For three days, several teams from different countries will compete in League of Legends, Valorant and TeamFight Tactics. Who will emerge victorious?

The Twitch Rivals: Riot Summer Rumble is a competitive event across three Riot Games: League of Legends, Valorant and TeamFight Tactics. Since 22 August, ten teams All streamers and content creators compete on these games for the top spot.

Each of these teams is consisting of a leader and several players chosen according to the games. They all represent a different country or region:

  • Team France : Kameto
  • Team Nordics: Proxyfox
  • Team East : Xnapcyx
  • Team Turkey: Kendinemuzisyen
  • Team Italia: Lilyabe
  • Team Mena: Lyapop
  • Team UK : Thinkingmansvalo
  • Team Espana : Nissaxter
  • Team Germany: Autophil
  • Team Poland: Kasix

As you have seen, Kameto is therefore the representative of the French team. On Valorant, he is accompanied by Jbzz, Fatiiiih, kantraz, Mickalow and Mel.

The event started with a group stage. Two groups of five teams have been created and, at the end of the day on 23 August, the top two teams from each group will qualify for the Top 4 Playoffs. The other six will participate in the Top 6 Playoffs.

The Top 4 Playoffs will be played in single elimination and BO3. Each team will play another and the two who win will play directly in the final.

In the Top 6 Playoffs, teams will play quarter-finals in BO1, then semi-finals and final in BO3.

The competition will last until 24 August and, for the moment, our French players are ranked second in their group, just behind Team Germany. If you want to encourage them and follow their games, you can do so on the official Twitch channel of the event.