From Pokémon Twitch Plays to ZEvent

The ZEvent is back soon for three days of pure madness. On the programme, fun, laughter, numerous activities and above all Twitch Plays Pokémon. But what is it? We explain everything in this article.

Originally, Twitch Plays Pokémon was a real phenomenon which took Twitch by surprise in 2014. On an eponymous channel, viewers were invited to play Pokémon, but all together, on the same game and all at the same time. Indeed, the channel's chat was linked to the emulator that interprets users' messages. When a compatible command was sent in the chat, it was carried out in the game. This meant that with several tens of thousands of users simultaneously, the game became very chaotic.

This is probably what will happen at ZEvent, as hundreds of thousands of people follow the event every year. So we should see some absurd and surprising choices, which will give the game a very special meaning.

Twitch Plays Pokémon at ZEvent

As the image above indicates, the objective for viewers will be to collect the most badges possible over the weekend. Each badge collected will unlock donations from some of the streamers attending the event, in order to boost the prize pool. It is not yet known which game has been chosen for the occasion, but ZeratoR has already announced that there could be more than one in case the first one is finished quickly. Of course, everyone will be able to participate free of charge to help progress in the adventure.

We therefore give you rendez-vous from 9 to 11 September to experience a crazy weekend.