Domingo unveils the 3v3 Contest, a basketball tournament on Twitch

Between the Paris Marathon, the virtual ascent of Alpe d'Huez with David Gaudu or the Paris-Roubaix with Inoxtag, Domingo is now known for its sports challenges, either alone or with professionals and other personalities of the French-speaking Twitch Game. Recently, the content creator presented his new project, entitled 3v3 Contestwhich is none other than than a basketball tournament. The event brings together well-known people, Tony Parker, Kevin Mayer, Ragnar and Domingo himselfwho will act as captains of the different teams.

The competition will be held at the Palais des Sports Marcel Cerdan Thursday 11 MayThe whole evening will be broadcasted on Domingo's Twitch channel, with a live audience both in the room and on Twitch.

As he explained liveDomingo has a happy history with basketball: it was simply his first sport as a child. In the past, he used to score the winning basket to win the inter-communal tournament, today he organises a major event at the Palais des Sports Marcel Cerdan. We tell you more about the different teams competing.

Domingo's 3v3 Contest teams

This unprecedented sports tournament on Twitch hosts a line-up that is a dream come true. A total of 16 personalities from the world of sport and streaming will compete to be crowned Champions. They are divided into 4 teams, with regular substitutions to ensure that all participants take their place on the field, as the matches are played in 3 against 3.

The TP Team

  • Tony Parker (Captain) - Former professional player of renown, he is considered as one of the best French players in the history of basketball. Having played in the NBA and the French national team, his experience will be a great asset!
  • Brisco - This basketball influencer is not the number one in the field for nothing. Between his French Freestyle Champion title and his World Champion title, he has talent to spare!
  • Kikesa - A rapper from Nancy, he became known thanks to YouTube and in particular through Dimanche de Hippie. He is not only good at music, but he also played basketball for a while and even dreamed of becoming a professional player.
  • Mister MV - A multigaming streamer, he offers diverse content on Twitch. A speedrun enthusiast, he is at the origin of the the SpeeDons eventwho highlights his passion for this video game. He knows about basketball, having played the sport for several years.

Team Ragnar

  • Ragnar Le Breton (Captain) - If he is well known for his HeussHe is also a comedian, influencer, actor and great sportsman. During his career as a semi-professional basketball player, he played in the French National 1 Championship.
  • Mary Patrux - This journalist and TV presenter has basketball in her blood. Before becoming a journalist, she practised for a long time, until she climbed to the National 2 level. For several years now, she has hosted the NBA Extra programme on BeIn Sports, which covers NBA news.
  • Bastien He is the editor of Trashtalk, a basketball website that covers the NBA, and he will use his knowledge for the benefit of the team!
  • Premium - Co-founder of the Karmine Corp, he has made a name for himself outside the sports scene for his performances in American football in Canada and France. There is no doubt that he will be ready to fight on the field.

Team Mayer

  • Kévin Mayer (Captain) - Two world decathlon titles and a silver medal in the decathlon event at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics are only a small part of this French athlete's record. He is therefore a serious competitor!
  • Erwan and Thomas from First Team - These two acolytes are passionate and former basketball players. Today, they shine on the internet and cover the news of this sport through their media called First Team.
  • KronoMusik - Between the Zizi Caca Mixtape and the track Time Time created with Squeezie, the musical talent of this Belgian is no longer in question. Initially, he became known for his Kronomuzik column launched on YouTube.

Team Domingo

  • Domingo (Captain) - After a career as a League Of Legends streamer, he has chosen to diversify his content, thanks in particular to his talk show Popcorn. A sports fan, he regularly challenges himself, and for this tournament, he trained hard!
  • Rhobalas - Particularly known for his content centered on Riot Games' MOBA, this streamer is one of Fnatic's ambassadors. In addition to his competitive online experience, he will be sharing his skills as a basketball player with his peers, having played for over a decade.
  • Adrien Ménielle - Scriptwriter, actor, streamer, comic book author, illustrator... he wears many hats. A seasoned sportsman, he has already taken part in a basketball showmatch in aid of the CAPSAAAParis association in the past.
  • Etienne CA - Before becoming a star of TikTok and micro-trotters, he played basketball at a high level for a long time. During his career, he played for Olympique d'Antibes in the French second division championship. At two metres tall, he is a major asset to the team.

This is not the first time that Domingo has organised a sporting event open to the public. The last edition of l'ÉchappéeA virtual duo bike race, which welcomed just over 1,000 spectators in the Velodrome in Saint-Quentin en Yvelines. This time, more than 2000 people are expected. At the time of writing, only category 3 tickets are still on sale. If you wish to attend the matches on site, go quickly to the official shop.

If you are unable to buy a ticket, you can still enjoy the show on Twitch. With Doigby and other guests in the cast, it promises to be a fun evening!