Diablox9 coming soon to Gotaga and Zack Nani

His fragmovies and his intro have marked a whole generation of players... The legend Diablox9Call of Duty specialist Benoît Moreillon will be back on Twitch next week with two events. Benoît Moreillon will be Gotaga's guest for a gaming nighton his favourite game, before taking part in the show Zac freewheeling by the famous Zack Nani.

Who is Diablox9?

Hailing from Switzerland, Diablox9 is a leading figure in the video game entertainment industry. More than that, it is one of the very first French-speaking Youtubers and the first video game content creator to surpass one million subscribers on the platform.

Real name Benoît MoreillonHe first started on Daylimotion, where he published let's play without editing, on various games, such as for example Need for Speed. But if it is so well known today, it is mainly for its content on Call of Duty published on YouTube channel. With its growing notoriety, Diablox9 has become a real personality on the FPS, and we all remember the joy felt by some players when they fell in the same lobby.

so much in demand that he has had the opportunity to cover several major video game shows, including E3 in 2013. However, that same year he chose to step away from YouTube for personal reasons. Later, he tried to make a comeback, but disappeared again in 2017.

Donation Goal of the ZEvent 2021

In 2021, Gotaga, participated in the ZEvent. Like all guest streamers, he had his own list of Goal Donations. The twelfth level stated "We're having a party with Diablox9 and/or Dgidix and/or BeastMode. With all the donations he received, he climbed the ladder and passed that famous €60,000 mark. This evening was long overdue, but the wait is over.

Recently, GotagaTV unveiled a special Call of Duty evening featuring none other than Diablox9 themselves. For even more fun and madness, they will be accompanied by CodJordan23 and WaRTeK. If you wish to follow the event, please visit Gotaga's Twitch channel 20 March from 8pm.

Even if Diablox9 has been absent from the internet for a long time, the announcement of his participation in this party with the French Monster is not not gone unnoticed. Internet users, both well-known and unknown, who have grown up with his videos are already ready to sit in front of the computer to follow this anthology evening.

Fans of the Youtuber are in for a treat. On Tuesday 21 March, Benoît Moreillon will be on air in Zack Nani's flagship show entitled Zack in Freewheel. We can already imagine questions about his career as a videographer and why not some information about his post-YouTube life.

To follow the talk show, go to Zack Nani's Twitch channelon 21 March from 6pm.