Fish leaks streamer's bank info on Twitch

At the beginning of the year, the streamer mutekimaru has had its banking information leaked on Twitch. Those responsible for this incident are none other than... its fish ! Normally, they play Pokémon on Twitch, but a bug allowed them to access the console's main menu. The content creator was not present at the time of the incident and discovered the problem through emails confirming various transactions via his Nintendo account.

mutekimaru is a Youtuber and streamer who became known for its concept entitled Fish Play Pokemon. As the name suggests, it involves fish playing GameFreak titles. In the past, they have beaten the League in the Leaf Green version after more than 3591 hours of play.

This feat is made possible by a tracking device. A camera overlooks the aquarium in which the fish move. All the commands, up and down arrows, A button, etc. are printed on a sheet of paper placed behind the tank. As soon as a fish moves into a square, the camera sends the information to a printed circuit, which itself induces the action in play.

This system is based on the TwitchPlaysPokemon phenomenon which appeared in 2014. The eponymous Twitch channel invites all viewers to send a command in the chat. The messages are interpreted by the emulator and the actions performed in-game. Viewers at the time had completed the Pokémon Red League after 16 days, 7 hours, 45 minutes and 29 seconds of play.

For several years now, the mutekimaru fish have been playing the various versions of the game without too many problems. However, they recently had a mishap when they were playing Pokémon Violet. We saw this in a previous article, the title is a bit buggy. During the stream, a bug caused the game to crash, causing it to return to the Switch's main menu.

With the tracking system still active, an unfortunate succession of actions led its fish into the Nintendo eShop. There they made some unexpected purchases... including credits for 500 yen. In addition to this embarrassing incident, bank details of the streamer were displayed on the screen during the purchase process.

Despite this delicate situation, mutekimaru seems to have taken these purchases with humourJudging by the comments he made about the actions of the fishes, it is not surprising that he was not able to find a way out of the situation. It reads as follows "Many people don't read the Terms of Use, but fish are smarter than we are.when the animals had arrived on the dedicated page.

He even made a funny request for a refund by sending the following message "I'm sorry, is it possible to get a refund for items that were purchased on my account, by mistake, by my pet fish?"

The fish in this streamer have become Pokémon experts, but others are seasoned StreetFighter fighters. If you want to discover epic tournaments with commentary, in which opponents have flippers, go to the Twitch channel FishPlayStreetFighter.