Depielo wins the GP Explorer 2

With the success of the previous GP Explorer, Squeeziethe star Youtuber, is back with another edition of his F4 race, the GP Explorer 2. The event was even bigger than the previous year, with more drivers taking part. At the end of an intense and emotional day, the best of them was none other than Depielowhich finished second last year. Despite a new audience record for the French Twitch game, it was a day of mixed fortunes, due to an accident very early in the race.

Record audience for GP Explorer 2

As last year, the enthusiasm for this crazy race was undeniable. As early as the free practice phase, which took place during the morning.., over 300,000 viewers had already taken their seats in front of their screens on Squeezie's Twitch channel, along with the 60,000 spectators who were gradually settling into the stands. As you'd expect, the numbers only swelled as time went on. And so it was that just over 700,000 people were grouped together on the live site at the start of the afternoon, for the qualifying stage.

While last year it took until halfway through the race to pass the million viewer mark, this checkpoint was well passed before this year's race even got underway. By the time the formation laps kicked off, the previous record had already been broken. GP Explorer 2 finally reached a new record with a peak of over 1.3 million viewers.

The accident that turned the event upside down

Despite this great success, the day did not go as well as might have been expected. No sooner had the race begun than an unfortunate accident on the second lap dampened the mood. On a tight bend, the cars of Maxime Biaggi and Manon Lanza collidedThis forced the safety car to come out. For five laps, the race slowed down, and overtaking was even forbidden.

Without much ado, the verdict came down: the condition of the cars meant that they could not return to the track. It was a cold shower for Manon and Maxime, who had to leave the track. are forced to abandon. The red flag came out, and the drivers still in contention were sent back to their respective teams while the two crashed vehicles were evacuated.

While the GP Explorer is intended to be a fun, enjoyable community event, it has taken a completely different turn. Accident sparks wave of hate towards Manon on social networks, accused of "spoiling the race". Formula 4 may be less intense than Formula 1, but it remains a dangerous motor sport. As the caseworkers pointed out, race facts are an integral part of the game. Taken off the track by ambulance, the driver revealed shortly afterwards that the results were positive and that she was fine. More fear than harm, then...

Depielo wins this GP Explorer

The race itself consists of just fifteen laps, and no more, no matter what happens. At 7pm, as the safety car leaves the track to make way for the show, only eight laps to go.

Second last year and extremely efficient during free practice and qualifying, Depielo was undoubtedly one of the favourites of this second edition of the GP. In the lead before the safety car was called, he continued his efforts as soon as the race resumed. Quickly, he extended his lead over Sylvain and completely dominated the end of the race. Unsurprisingly, he ended up winning, with a lead of almost 4s over the runner-up.

As well as taking victory in the GP Explorer 2, the Alpine representative also put in a very fine performance, winning the GP Explorer 2. best lap time 1'42"763.

When asked about his victory, Dieplo talked about the difficulties of such a race and the unfortunate collision with Manon, his team-mate for the day, before expressing his joy. "My thoughts are with her. I hope she's going to be all right, of course (...) As far as the race was concerned, all we had to do was roll along, but we had to stay very concentrated and keep our tyres up to temperature at all times. It wasn't easy, but we got to the end. It's going to take me a while to realise it, I think! But I'm really happy! (...) What was most violent was the sun in my eyes (...) I dedicate my victory to all the spectators. Thanks to Squeezie and the organisers.

Final GP Explorer 2 rankings

A total of 24 drivers took to the track at Le Mans. However, only twenty of them managed to finish. Manon, Maxime, SCH and Kekra were unable to finish the race and had to retire.

The podium

  • First : Depielo
  • Second : Sylvain
  • Third : Etienne Moustache

Results of other participants

  • 4th: LeBouseuh
  • 5th : AnaOnAir
  • 6th : Pierre
  • 7th: Squeezie
  • 8th : Amixem
  • 9th: Soso Maness
  • 10th: Kaatsup
  • 11th: Gotaga
  • 12th: Mister V
  • 13th: Théodort
  • 14th: Djilsi
  • 15th: Seb
  • 16th: Théo Juice
  • 17th: Baghera Jones
  • 18th: Billy
  • 19th: Maghla
  • 20th: Horty