Date of the Grand Prix Explorer, the F4 competition organised by Squeezie

This Saturday 8 October22 streamers and youtubers will start at the famous Bugatti circuit during the Explorer Grand Prixa Formula 4 race organised by Squeezie. After a first training phase under the supervision of Pierre Gasly's ex-instructor, several simulator sessions and a few hours of sport, everyone wants to get the best possible place.

The Bugatti circuit was created in 1965, within the area of the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans racetrack, from which it borrows some 1500m, to a total distance of 4185m. While it is usually the scene of a battle between experienced pilots during the French Motorcycle Grand Prix In particular, it will soon be the playground of Squeezie and 21 other content creators.

The Explorer Grand Prix was announced last April. Initially, this unique race was supposed to bring together 20 streamers and youtubers, but in the end 22 will compete, divided into 11 duos !

This new competition will take place Saturday 8 October, from 8am to 7pm. The day will consist of several phases, starting with free practice. This period will be an opportunity for these young drivers to get to grips with their vehicles. Before the long-awaited race, they will take part in qualifying, which will determine their position on the starting grid. The event will of course end with a podium finish, so it remains to be seen who will take the top step.

If you want to follow this event live, go to Squeezie's Twitch channel.