Content Warning, between horror and laughter on Twitch

For the past few days, a new track has been making the headlines on the Internet. Twitch. We are of course talking about Content Warningthis co-op game for the Lethal Companythat frightens web surfers as much as it makes them laugh.

What is Content Warning?

Developed by Landfallthe studio behind Stick Fight: The Game and Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, Content Warning is a co-op game that's a mix of scary and fun. Single or multi-player (up to 4 players), you set off to explore the Old World - a dark and unsavoury area - not to collect debris as in Lethal Company, but to filming paranormal sequences and clikbaits.

The aim is to to create a buzz on Spöök Tube - a simili-YouTube dedicated to scares - to earn Spöök Tube Money. Easier said than done... In just three days, you have to reach a quota of views, otherwise you can kiss your channel goodbye. So you'll have to get wet, face the creatures that inhabit this sordid and frightening worldand sometimes more...

Improving your equipment in Content Warning
You can buy new equipment

As you earn money, you have the opportunity to improve your equipment to produce better quality videos and delight viewers even more. And to make it work, everyone has their part to play!

While one of them carries the camera - which has a fun selfie mode - another takes care of the sound, a third does the clapping and yet another does the funny things for the viewers.

To spice up the adventure, it's perfectly possible to possible to dieeach character is limited oxygen and there is no no mini-map available... And let's face it, it doesn't take long to get lost in the maze of the Old World if you're not careful.

Once we're back home, it's time to put the content online, a really nice moment during which everyone can get to know each other better. see the sequence created and read the comments - flattering or otherwise - from Internet users.

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Honestly, Content Warning is a lot of funespecially when you're playing with friends late at night!

A resounding success

And we're not the only ones on the net who are convinced. Chaotic, fun and scary, Content Warning has everything it takes to win over streaming platforms. So it's no surprise that the title has climbed to Eleventh place for most popular games on the platform according to TwitchTrackercurrently, and that it has brought together a maximum of 133,000 spectators on 3 April.

In fact, many of the streamers took pleasure in wandering around the Old World to create the best possible videos. And since they can be downloaded and shared, some of them had a field day.

In fact, this success is not entirely coincidental. As usual, Landfall has managed this new release well "unexpected on 1 April. For the first 24 hours, the title was offered to anyone who wanted to add it to their Steam library, before it became a paying game (€7.79).just over 6.2 million people have bought it.

According to SteamDBThere are currently over 70,000 active playersand the game has already passed the 200,000 simultaneous player mark. And since Content Warning is so much more fun in co-op, it's a safe bet that more people will be picking up the game in the coming days to join their friends. Quite an achievement for a little indie game released just three days ago!